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    BAND – App for all groups APK (Android App)

    Organize your team on BAND! It’s the perfect team communication app, with features like Community…
    1 min ago

    Many states consider laws to punish parents if children shoot unsecured guns

    Thirty states and DC have passed similar legislation, but so far a parent has never…
    2 mins ago

    Retail theft and organized crime are churning US chains, hurting workers

    Law enforcement officials say social media plays an increasingly important role in organizing and promoting…
    3 mins ago

    Lucy Liu Appears in Alexander Wang’s December/January Campaign – WWD

    Lucy Liu, award-winning actress, director and artist, appears in Alexander WangThe resort’s advertising campaign was…


      4 mins ago

      Watch ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Online in 2021

      It’s the most wonderful time of the year: holiday movie season! If you’re looking to stream the classics, Will Ferrell’s…
      17 mins ago

      In this pandemic diary, the memories of 2020 seem too organized

      Then, at the end of May, riots were sparked by the murder of George Floyd. Finch, of White, drives to…
      35 mins ago

      Tristan Thomspon allegedly told the mother of the rumored third baby to have an abortion

      Tristan Thomspon allegedly told the mother of the rumored third baby to have an abortion Sacramento Kings center Tristan Thompson’s…
      49 mins ago

      Drip trauma of school shootings

      Wait or not, our kids notice, maybe before we want them to. When the Sandy Hook babies were murdered, my…
      1 hour ago

      An Old Man George Lucas Debate Star Wars Fan Debate

      It became something of an inside joke that Star Wars Fans can never agree on anything. While that’s clearly not…
      1 hour ago

      Mitch McConnell isn’t even trying to pretend the GOP has any new ideas

      In 2020, the Republican Party don’t even pretend to have a background beyond their allegiance to Donald Trump, avoid any…


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