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    Daniel Rodriguez apologizes for using Taser on Michael Fanone in interrogation video

    “I don’t know if I’m tasked with protecting him, but maybe just to, like –…
    1 min ago

    The Supreme Court clarifies the unthinkable is here on abortion

    After half a century abortion rights protected by landmark case of 1973 Roe v. Wade,…
    2 mins ago

    How many episodes will Jojo Stone Ocean have?

    The first batch of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean was exit on Netflix…
    3 mins ago

    Ranking AFC teams in battle for wild card slots: Bills, Bengals go ahead of the pack; Chargers, Browns stumble

    With 12 teams still holding .500 or more in the 12 weeks of the season,…


      16 mins ago

      ‘RHOC’ Star Heather Dubrow Happily Answered Every Nosy Question I Had About Her House

      In my decade of covering Bravo shows, I’ve learned that some Housewives are good wacky, some are bad wacky, and…
      24 mins ago

      Will CNN Suspend Chris Cuomo Stick?

      On Tuesday afternoon, the director of CNN Jeff Zucker is holding one of its regular meetings with its 15 direct…
      47 mins ago

      Fitness legend Dave Draper dies aged 79

      Dave Draper, a fitness legend who was called an “inspiration” by Arnold Schwarzenegger passed away at the age of 79.…
      56 mins ago

      Composer Alvin Lucier dies aged 90

      Over the course of a career spanning six decades, Lucier has moved from a respected position as a traditional composer…
      1 hour ago

      Go Live or Skip?

      Now available on Netflix, Viper – aka White Snake 2: The Great Tribulation of Vipers – is the sequel to…
      1 hour ago

      How to survive your upcoming family vacation

      Instead, don’t let family vacations make “the best time of the year” the most stressful. How to survive your…


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