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    Oklahoma State vs Baylor: Prediction, selection, football betting odds, over and under, live TV, watch online, TV channels

    5 Oklahoma State and number 9 Baylor is looking to win the first Big 12…
    2 mins ago

    Recounts the ongoing Virginia Beach race with House control under threat

    Del. Incumbent Alex Askew (D) watches Republican Karen Greenhalgh in certified results of the November…
    3 mins ago

    WATCH: Fauci proposes Americans will face stricter rules than illegal immigrants crossing the border

    On Wednesday, radical leftist Doctor Fauci confirmed that illegal immigrants at the border would not…
    4 mins ago

    Quake Remastered gets Horde and Honey Modes added

    NS Quake remaster just scored its second update since it was released in August earlier…


      15 mins ago

      Go Live or Skip?

      25 years in the making, Space Jam: New Legacy – back on HBO Max after debuting on the service in…
      26 mins ago

      René Magritte is a mystery. A new biography tries to make sense of genius.

      “René Magritte,” by the late Alex Dinchev, is a profound and far-reaching exploration of the artist. René Magritte is…
      47 mins ago

      Meghan Markle Wins Court Appeal in Privacy Battle in Letter to Her Dad

      Meghan Markle Meghan Markle Wins Court Appeal in Privacy Battle in Letter to Her Dad Meghan Markle’s Extensive battle with…
      58 mins ago

      Sparkling wine is more than champagne. Here are other bubbles to consider.

      Stoumen has made a natural sparkling wine or a premium patisserie. I lean towards the former description, if only because…
      1 hour ago

      How to unfollow someone on Tiktok

      TikTok There’s tons of content to watch and there’s an almost unlimited supply of new videos added to the platform…
      1 hour ago

      Gutting Roe means 2022 will be all about abortion rights

      Surprised that the Supreme Court, which has ranked 6-3 in favor of conservatives, seems possible gutted or killed Roe v.…


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