5 mins ago

    Things to know about abortion in Mississippi and how it differs from Texas ban

    Mississippi is feeling pretty optimistic. State officials are asking the courts to not only respect…
    6 mins ago

    Lakers’ LeBron James could be sidelined for 10 days due to NBA health and safety protocols, according to report

    beautiful pictures LeBron James will be on the field for Tuesday night’s match between Los…
    7 mins ago

    Eating healthy can help alleviate some diseases

    And in 2020, the year covid-19 hits the United States, African-Americans are disproportionately affected by…
    8 mins ago

    Stephen Colbert reveals Dr Oz’s known ‘lie’ ahead of Pennsylvania Senate race

    Stephen Colbert begins his series of jokes about Dr. Mehmet Oz .’s Big Campaign Announcement…


      17 mins ago

      Fans react to Nicolas Cage as Dracula

      With Nicolas Cage revealed like the new Dracula in Renfield, the Internet has naturally generated some spectacular reactions. Check out…
      26 mins ago

      Mel Brooks Went Too Far – But Only Once

      95-year-old EGOT in comedy, Carl Reiner, Woody Allen, and his new memoir, All About Me!. Mel Brooks Went Too…
      48 mins ago

      Go Live or Skip?

      Mount Everest is home to legends, of climbers who have reached the highest mountain in the world and those who…
      1 hour ago

      Carolyn Hax: How can you tell if you’re being overly critical or oversensitive?

      A letter writer baffles her husband’s criticism and wonders which of them is being overly sensitive. Carolyn Hax: How…
      1 hour ago

      Is Zendaya hinting at a major turning point in No Way Home?

      Image: Marvel While football celebrates its night and Leo Messi’s 7th Golden Ball, it was Spiderman and Sand dunes star…
      2 hours ago

      Can’t ignore CNN’s Chris Cuomo issue

      Monday’s series of events — damn new reveal to the CNN server Chris CuomoThe behind-the-scenes work of his charming brother,…


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