Zack Snyder Reveals Concept Art For Upcoming Netflix Movie Rebel Moon

Zack Snyder is officially going to space in his latest cinematic endeavor with Netflix. The versatile director has tapped into a number of different thematic areas, bringing material from beloved comic books to life while exploring the chaos stemming from the zombie apocalypse.

His horror movies about zombies Army of the Dead generated a large amount of resonance, resulting in a combination with Army of Thieves, leading to a new deal with the streaming service. His first movie under the new deal will be an epic sci-fi adventure titled Rebel Moon, which he will co-write, direct, and produce for the platform.


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The film’s synopsis is relatively vague, but what has come out reveals a bit about the path Rebel Moon will lose. Snyder points out that the story will revolve around a friendly colony at the edge of the galaxy threatened by the armies of an oppressive regime. A young woman with a puzzling past from the settlement is on a quest to find warriors who can fend off the lurking invasion. In one Interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder revealed the following about the project, “This is me growing up as a fan of Akira Kurosawa, a Star Wars fan. It’s my love of science fiction and a giant adventure. I hope that this will also become a big IP and a universe can be built. “

Rebel Moon

Snyder’s concept art is quite simple, but it shows a The atmosphere is like Star Wars covered in darkness. One can see an impending doom, possibly depicting a dictatorship about to invade the peaceful colony. The idea of ​​the movie came from a Star Wars pitch that the director did for Lucasfilm about a decade ago. The thesis focuses on a more mature approach to the George Lucas universe, but discussions of the concept fell between rifts after The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm in 2012. Snyder said that he spent about two to three years building the universe. out all over the world to make sure that his vision could become a reality.

Rebel Moon already an ongoing project Snyder worked for years hoping to establish a franchise-based atmosphere on the streaming platform. In November, Snyder confirmed that Mummies star, Sofia Boutella, was chosen to star in the sci-fi adventure. It’s not yet clear what role Boutella will play, but it could be fantastic that she’ll star as a mysterious young woman tasked with finding warriors to help protect the endangered colony. Boutella captivated Snyder, which prompted him to act quickly to bring her into his cinematic universe. The menacing presence revealed in concept art is taboo, so it will be interesting to see how Boutella will fight and destroy their haunting appearance.

Snyder has worked on some pretty ambitious projects in the past, but this space jump will be a huge road to travel. The director noted that the film’s elements will resemble those instilled in his first DCEU film, Man of Steel. The beginning of his reach Accept the story of Superman focuses on the scientific underpinnings of Krypton, but also its inevitable destruction. Snyder hopes to repeat this with Rebel Moon, but with more intensity and more intensity. The concept art doesn’t reveal much, but the intensity is there, which one can only hope to translate equally across the screen. If it does so in the way Snyder envisions, it will certainly pave the way for the ambitious franchise to flourish.

Rebel Moon production is expected to begin in the early stages of 2022, but Netflix has confirmed no official release date. Sofia Boutella is the only official name attached to the cast, but more will soon be a reality. The concept art is a sign that the production wheel is starting to spin, meaning that footage of the much-anticipated sci-fi adventure will begin to emerge in the coming months.

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