Y’shtola has deceived death too many times

Y’shtola is one of the fan favorite characters in Final Fantasy 14and one that will play an important role in Endwalker expansion. She is a miqo’te that uses powerful magic and has been a part of Scions of the Seventh Dawn since start. Despite being a fan favorite, the community has grown tired of her fake deaths throughout the game’s expansions.

With about one fake death per expansion, many fans are wondering what the fate of the miqo’te mages will really be. in Endwalker. After so many fake deaths, the community was very suspicious and especially unresponsive when the game wanted them to think she died in Shadowbringers. Therefore, if Y’shtola really died in Endwalker, it probably won’t affect fans much.


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Every Fake Death Of Y’shtola

Y'shtola is summoned from the Lifestream.

Y’shtola’s first fake death took place from end of A realm of rebirth to the middle Heavensward, and it was something she escaped at the cost of her innate eyesight. Y. When they were left behind, Y’shtola caused a cave and it was assumed that she and Thancred were dead. However, it is later revealed that Y’shtola teleported herself and Thancred and that she simply needed to be summoned out of the Lifestream.

Y’shtola’s second forgery was in Stormblood in the war against Zenos at Reach of Rhalgr. It was a bloodbath of Garlean forces that cut resistance, and Y’shtola protected Lyse by forming a barrier as Zenos attempted to cut her down. Zenos manages to overcome both the barrier and Y’shtola himself. Miqo’te collapsed and covered in blood and there was some tension about whether she would survive. However, she survived her wound and all is well with her health. Because of how short Stormblood pretending to be dead, fans don’t talk about this case like they do with the other two.

The third fake in Shadowbringers is what really makes fans roll their eyes. Y’shtola fell off a cliff and was declared dead by all her companions and her death was deeply mourned. However, just like her first fake, it turns out that she once again teleported herself into the Lifestream and briefly reappeared thanks to an act of goodwill by Emet-Selch. At this point, few fans are sad and most are outraged to see Y’shtola’s character mourn when they themselves don’t believe her death is real.

Many fans have begun to assert that Y’shtola’s existence is due to the “Marketing Armor”. This means that since she’s a prominent character in the series and often appears in all the trailers, merchandise, and art, Square Enix won’t kill her. However, the strange thing is that in the first place, tampering is completely unnecessary. There are other ways to make the audience emotional beyond the possibility of the character dying. However, look at Final Fantasy 14 In general, fake death scenes are actually quite common in the series.

Many fake deaths in Final Fantasy 14

Nanamo is poisoned.

While fake deaths have happened many times for Y’shtola, they have happened to other characters as well. Thancred is also said to have died at the end A realm of rebirth when the tunnel collapses, and the game also puts him in an implied death situation at the end of a one-on-one battle with Ranjit in Shadowbringers. Another prime example is with Sultana, Nanamo, who had a very convincing cutscene about being poisoned only to later reveal that she was still alive. In Stormblood, Gosetsu and Yotsuyu are said to have died from a collapsed building, but are later revealed to have survived. Recently, one of the biggest fake death cases was with Zenos. Despite seeing him cut off his own head and bury it in the ground, even he managed to survive.

There are many death tantrums this is one of the few weak points to the writing and story of Final Fantasy 14. Are from Endwalker To be final expansion for FF14current story of arc, fans are wondering if the main characters will actually die this time. Y’shtola is one such character, but after all of her fake deaths, a real death won’t affect the fandom as much as it could. Players will spend too much time wondering if death is real than letting themselves feel what the story wants them to feel.

Final Fantasy 14 currently available on PC, PS3, PS4 and PS5.

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