YouTube is accused of ignoring creator concerns about removing the like button

Controversy around YoutubeThe platform’s decision to disable the number of Dislike buttons proved to be more enduring than the company hoped. YouTube Users, as well as content creators, continue to share their frustrations about this decision on social media or through alternatives on YouTube itself. One of the main voices of that frustration on YouTube was Linus Sebastian of LinusTechTips, who recently tried to secure a meeting with YouTube’s product manager about changing the Dislike button.

Linus previously mentioned that they had secured a meeting with YouTube on the social network. Fans recently followed Linus about this encounter on Twitter, and Linus took the time to respond. In a short first reply, Linus said that “nothing happened” with his meeting with YouTube. In other words, the encounter with YouTube did not lead to any significant or meaningful action. It can be said that YouTube has not changed its stance on Button don’t like change.


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Linus then made another tweet explaining more about what happened to the YouTube meeting. “Yes, I had a meeting to protest against YouTube’s dislike” Linus confirm, fill in his followers in the context of the situation. He later confirmed that, “The ducks weren’t raised about my concerns or the things our community shares.” Compared to Linus’s previous tweet, this post makes it clear that not only was Linus’ thoughts on the topic ignored, but Linus also felt completely unheard by YouTube on the subject. It’s safe to assume that Linus is looking to YouTube to make at least one “duck” about his concerns and not getting it right.

To be fair to YouTube, the platform spent a huge amount of time and money making the decision. That decision was also passed. Linus may have great points regarding usefulness of the Dislike buttonor even how to improve it, but for now, YouTube will express confidence in its decisions even if they aren’t confident behind the scenes. Anything less will likely only make the ongoing controversy worse.

With that in mind, maybe, if not, YouTube would have listened to Linus in the meeting they were in. Maybe YouTube is moving towards evaluating some of Linus’ ideas or something like that. YouTube simply won’t be able to say so until it’s done its internal work. For those who are willing to give YouTube the benefit of the doubt on this topic, maybe they are trying to solve the current problem Controversy on YouTube.

Of course, many YouTubers and creators no longer see the value in benefiting YouTube, as that seems to be leading the current controversy. Few people believe YouTube has removed the number of Dislikes to protect small channels instead of reasons around marketing and avoid negative press. That is why the controversy is likely to continue, regardless YouTube will make any changes to the Dislike button going forward.

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