You Lose Your Right to Defend When You’re a Gun Bearer

During the trial of 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, chief prosecutor Thomas Binger repeatedly embarrassed himself. On Monday, he made his most outrageous statement yet.

Binger tried to make a point while arguing in his final argument that Rittenhouse was the aggressor and did not act in self-defense when he killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber.

Instead, Binger made a false claim that can only be described as nonsense.

“You lose the right to defend yourself when you are the one carrying the gun,” he said before continuing, “when you are the one creating danger, when you are the one provoking others.”


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For starters, the concept that brings a guns automatically depriving you of your right to self-defense makes absolutely no sense. In the vast majority of cases, self-defense is done with guns.

According to Binger’s logic, a person should not be allowed to defend himself with a gun against someone who is aggressively stabbing. After all, the person carrying the gun is the aggressor, right?

With this assertion, Binger subtly expressed what the left really believes. To progressive leftists, all guns are evil, and by extension, those who use them are criminals.

Is the left trying to criminalize the right to self-defense?

While this trial is certainly about Rittenhouse and his personal pursuit of justice, Center for Media Studies editor Nicholas Fondacaro was correct in his tweet that “this trial is intended to criminalize the right of guard”.

Leftists believe that deadly force is almost always irrational, especially if it is used against someone who shares their beliefs. Although the evidence in Rittenhouse In what seems to be a clear case of self-defense, people like Binger are seeking to criminalize Rittenhouse’s actions.

Of course, Binger wouldn’t admit his goal was to criminalize the right to self-defense. He argued that Rittenhouse had not acted in self-defense because he was not seriously threatened.

However, testimony appears to suggest that Rittenhouse was driven down by people who threatened to take guns and harm him. That would certainly justify the use of deadly force as a defensive measure.

What Binger is trying to subtly do is remove the right of Americans to defend themselves. If the jury determines that Rittenhouse is not justified in defending himself in this case, it will have far-reaching implications.


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If the left side succeeds in convicting Rittenhouse of murder in a seemingly obvious case of self-defense, they will only have more breath. The ultimate goal, whether they admit it or not, is to deprive Americans of their rights defense with guns completely.

Worse still, those who make arguments against gun rights don’t know the first thing about guns. Binger proved it on Monday when he recklessly pointed a gun at people in the courtroom with his trigger finger.

A basic gun safety guide for gun owners to treat every gun as if it were loaded and never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to fire. Binger blatantly ignored both of these rules on Monday.

Thomas Binger didn’t understand the basics of guns, but he was deemed qualified to prosecute a teenager in a self-defense case. He looks like another member of the gun robbery team left in disguise. | You Lose Your Right to Defend When You’re a Gun Bearer

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