Yoshizawa never felt like an authentic part of the game

When compared to its base version, Persona 5 Royal is, according to many fans of the series, the definitive way to play Persona 5. Refined title P5 experience by making some pretty big changes, but the real selling point for P5R are three new soul mates and the story expands that add to the overall arc of the Joker and his group of Phantom Thieves. Three new soulmates will add a lot to the game, but one has fallen unsatisfactorily. Kasumi Yoshizawa, despite being an attractive character should be a natural addition to Persona 5, never really felt like an integral part of Persona 5 Royal.


P5R covers so many sides and, for a JRPG that can easily run 120 hours of gameplay, it feels like a miracle that the game is able to have a relatively simple story full of deep characters with a strong storyline. stories feel earned. Because the game is so heavily juggled, it’s only natural that some of the characters might not get the rewards they deserve, but it’s unfortunate that Yoshizawa, one of the biggest installments of the series Persona 5 Royal‘s marketing, gets the short end of the stick despite being considered a major player in the story. Note: This article contains the main plot additions to Persona 5 Royal.

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Integrating Kasumi .’s overall plot

Kasumi in her mask.

Anyone finished Persona 5 Royal will be able to see some differences between the way Kasumi, or rather Sumire, is handled compared to how the game presents the majority of its rest of its high school cast. Usually, Yoshizawa has scenes alone with Joker but never gets together with the rest Ghost thief, and the scenes where she is with other characters are usually with Dr. Maruki or Akechi, the two remaining main confidants.

It is not until the last hours of Persona 5 Royal that she shares scenes with the rest of Phantom Thieves, giving this strange sense of isolation to all of her previous appearances in the game. This could be because she is a new character for P5R, and adding lengthy scenes with her and other high school students could be too complicated or expensive, so Atlus chose to make her scenes more isolated than the ones the rest of the characters have. . Unfortunately, that resulted in Yoshizawa’s overall integration into the game feeling disconnected and a bit jarring; almost as if there were two games being played simultaneously, the original game Persona 5 and set up the small DLC scene NS Persona 5 Royal part of the game.

Yoshizawa’s Late Addition to Ghost Thieves


One of the major factors contributing to Yoshizawa’s overall isolation from the rest of the story is that she wasn’t added as a member of the Phantom Thieves until after the events of the original game, i.e. more than 90 hours from its playing time. Although she has a character that awakens midway through, she turned down Morgana’s offer to join the party and her character did not appear again until after Persona 5 Royalthe last palace of. Sumire asked to join the Phantom Thieves before they entered Shido’s palace, but this time Morgana refused her, saying it was too dangerous for her first mission.

Nature, Persona 5 Royal spends nearly 100 hours introducing Yoshizawa as a member of the Phantom Thieves, but doesn’t include her for much of the game, leaving her storyline feeling unbalanced and unsatisfying. She feels a bit like Haru Okumura In that regard, it’s a little bit too late to really feel like a part of the team because, while both clearly care about the cause of Phantom Thieves, they ultimately don’t come into play as a factor. major in the game’s overall story beyond their relationship to the palaces of their respective villains.

Persona 5 Royal Now available for PlayStation 4.

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