Xur’s Treasure Hoard, Starhorse bounties and Strange Coins

You will start your first Dares of Eternity run after launch Fate 2 (provided you’ve updated the game). Once done, a new position named Eternity will appear in Director. One of the options will take you to Xur’s Treasure. This is ours Fate 2 guide to help you with Starhorse bonuses, Xur rewards, get Exotic Coins and huge treasure chests.

Note: For more information, see Destiny 2: Season of the Lost guide and central feature.

Fate 2 Eternity and Xur’s Treasure Guide – Xur’s Reward and Starhorse’s Bounty

When you click the Eternity destination on the Director, you’ll see three options:

  • Grasp of Avarice – This is a new dungeon that can only be accessed if you own Bungie 30th Anniversary Package.
  • Dares of Eternity – This is free for all players even if they don’t own the DLC.
  • Xur’s Treasure – This is where you need to go right now. It was a small area, about the size of the Tribute Hall, filled with gold and chests. The vendors here are Xur and Starhorse.

D2 Bng30 Xrtrhet 1

Xur’s strange quest in Fate 2

Assuming you’ve completed your first Dares of Eternity activity, talk to Xur to get a quest called To the Daring Go the Spoils. The activity itself grants you a Treasure and you can use it to open the large chest next to Xur. You will get one of the new Bungie game themed weapons (i.e. BxR Battler that looks like Halo‘s Battle Rifles).

Xur will also give you a Resplendent Bonus Pack containing one of these weapons – in my case I ended up with another BxR. Likewise, he will give you a strange quest called Magnum Opus. The completion gives you Predecessor, a strange secondary weapon that looks like HaloMagnum’s. Furthermore, the second page of Xur’s inventory tab has another quest called And Out Fly the Wolves (if you own the 30th Anniversary Pack). This series of quests gives you the mighty Gjallarhorn.

D2 Bng30 Xrtrhet 2a

Xur’s Bizarre Bonuses, Rewards, and Support Ratings

  • Oddly fancy rating – This is the progress bar at the top. You will level up by completing multiple runs of Dares of Eternity. Increasing your Bizarre Favorite Rating gives it a bonus, and it’s also a mechanic used for large treasure chests in the area:
    • Rank 4 – Exotic Key (used as part of the Forerunner weird quest).
    • Rated 7 – 3x Upgrade Module.
    • Rank 10 – 3x Upgraded Core.
    • Rank 13 – Prism Upgrade 3x.
    • Rank 16 – Anomalous Access Card.
    • Rated 16 – Allows you to reset your rank for more rewards; also grants an Ascendant Shard.
  • Daily Bonus – Xur has a daily bonus and bonus offers XP. These things need to be accomplished in Dares of Eternity:
    • Complete 1x Dares of Eternity.
    • Beat the 4x champion.
    • Defeat enemies 30x with kinetic weapons.
    • Defeat enemies with Arc damage; Killing melee in the arc gives more progress.
  • Winning Rewards – These are the other rewards you can get by completing Victory:
    • Repeat Winner – Commemorative Pose Emoji.
    • Old Friend, Old Couch – The Seat of Power Multiplayer Emoji.
    • Wheel of Destiny – Joyful Burst Emoji.
    • Ultra Plasmic Shader – Ultra Plasmic Shader
    • The Richest Dead Man Alive – Hraesveglur (Gjallarhorn ornament).
    • Complete the 30th Anniversary Seal/Title – Class-specific Universal Ornament (i.e. Thy Scary Symmetrical Object for Warlock that looks like a tiger’s helmet).

D2 Bng30 Xrtrhet 2b

Exotic coins for Starhorse

Xur’s cosmic friend, Starhorse, also serves as a supplier of sorts. Celestial Creatures have the same Victory Bonus, but there are additional things you can get by exchanging Exotic Coins. In general, Exotic Coins in Fate 2 can be obtained when you complete Dares of Eternity, Vanguard raids, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, hero public events and certain bonuses.

Starhorse’s Item

Starhorse has several items that you can get:

  • Legendary Engram – 3x Exotic Coins.
  • 1,000 Glimmer – 5x Exotic Coins.
  • Paraversal Haul – 7x Exotic Coins; The Paraversal Haul box contains a random reward. You can get Exotic Coins, Treasure Keys, side stories and vocabulary books.
  • Treasure key – 10x exotic coins.

Destiny 2 Eternity Xur's Treasure Treasure hoard Treasure chest Treasure key Exotic coins 1a star horse bonuses

Starhorse Bonuses and Rewards

Similar to Xur, Starhorse has a bounty that needs to be completed in the Dares of Eternity activity. However, you can only complete the tally for that particular run. If you don’t succeed, then progress will be reset and you’ll need to do your best in another attempt. This can cause some headaches, especially if you’re competing with other players for specific types of lives.

In any case, you will see the Starhorse bonus in Fate 2 listed below. Daily bonus costs 3 times Strange Coins and weekly bonuses cost 7 times Strange Coins. Rewards for these include XP, Enhanced Cores, and Paraversal Haul (more of these will be added from time to time).

  • Pulse of Combat
    • Pulse rifle final blows (quick kill adds more progress.
    • Get a score of 160,000 points.
  • Laser Card
    • Trace rifle final blow; kill fast add more progress.
    • Get a score of 160,000 points.
  • Double barrel
    • The final blows of the shotgun; kill fast add more progress.
    • Get a score of 160,000 points.
  • Old fashion way
    • Charged/uncharged kills in melee.
    • Kinetic murder weapon.
    • Get a score of 180,000 points.
  • Carry more than necessary
    • Super killer.
    • Elemental ultimate (must disintegrate enemies on death).
    • Get a score of 180,000 points.
  • Match Game – Weekly Bonus must be taken on Legendary difficulty:
    • The Void, Arc or Solar kill weapon that matches your current subclass.
    • Weapons of power to kill.
    • Get a score of 300,000 points.

Destiny 2 Eternity Xur's Treasure Treasure hoard Treasure chest Treasure key Exotic coins Starhorse Bonus 1b

Treasure chest in Fate 2The Eternal Zone of

I’ve mentioned the Treasure Key and the Strange Favor Rating a few times already. Well, these are the things we need to keep in mind if we want to open large treasure chests in the Eternity region in Fate 2. By default, only the large chest next to Xur can be opened (the one that provides new weapons). But, some are scattered around the room:

  • Class Armor – In the corners of the room you’ll find three statues of each class.
    • Helmet – Tier 4 and 3x Treasure Key.
    • Arms – Rank 4 and 3x Treasure Key.
    • Chest – 7th and 5x rank treasure key.
    • Legs – 10x and 5x rank treasure key.
    • Category – Rank 13 and 7x Treasure Key.
  • Other Items – Near the center of the room you’ll also see large treasure chests:
    • Commemorative Weapon Mode – 1x Treasure Key; must complete To the Daring Go the Spoils.
    • Sparrow – Rank 16 and 5x Treasure Key.
    • Ship – Rank 16 and 7x treasure key.

Destiny 2 Eternity Xur's Treasure Hoard Treasure Treasure Chest Treasure Key Exotic Coins Starhorse 2 Bonuses

Destiny 2: Season of the Lost available through Steam. For more information, see guide and central feature.

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