Xur’s Dares of Eternity may be Vaulted in the future

Since releasing the Beyond Light expansion last November, Bungie has been transparent about the fact that more and more content will need to be archived in the future due to Fate 2file size problem. This is to make the game faster on load times and ensure that problems with new releases and existing content are minimized when major expansions come out, such as Witch Queen in February next year. Beyond Light sees an inventory of multiple PvP maps, planets like Mars and Venus, and all associated NPCs, quests, secret quests, and more.


With the Witch Queen, Fate 2 players will have to say goodbye to the Tangled Shore and the Forsaken campaign, as well as all seasonal content from Year 4 – including quests like Harbinger and Presage. Now that the 30th Anniversary Pack has been released, players have been wondering what will happen to it later and if its content will last for at least a year before being stored. While there are no answers to things like Dares of Eternity and Grasp of Avarice Dungeon will stay in the game, the strange item supplier called Xur holds part of the answers to the player’s questions.

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Why Destiny 2’s Dares of Eternity Is Likely Vaulted

Destiny 2 Dares Of Eternity Doors

The new one Activity of 6 players in Dares of Eternity allows gamers to earn lots of loot and cosmetic items to boot, and it comes with a rating system that’s not too different from playlist systems like Strikes and Crucible. At Rank 16, the player can talk to Xur to initiate the First Man catalyst quest, and when a friendly alien hands them an item, a text dialogue screen will pop up – according to the message. rate while completing Fate 2 mission. Here, Xur informs the player that at some point Starhorse will leave, and when that happens, the Dares of Eternity will cease to exist.

Based on Xur, the event will also strip him of all his memories of his time as a game show host, and he begs players to keep memorabilia to remember those times, because he he won’t be able to. Apart from the heartbreaking moment in Fate 2of the story, it also provides Bungie with the perfect premise to vault Dares of Eternity in the future, while creating no disruption to Xur-related lore. As such, it’s clear that Bungie is indeed planning on building Dares of Eternity at some point, or at least, the option will always be available as long as the developer needs to remove the content from the site. Fate 2.

From a lore perspective, this could explain the fact that Xur has no dialogue regarding Dares of Eternity when the player encounters him outside of Starhorse’s treasure, as he is alone at the time. there and don’t remember everything. It seems that Dares of Eternity is closely related to Starhorse’s presence in the universe, meaning that whether the horse returns to the Nine or some cataclysmic event occurs, the new 6 player activity. will be deleted. Fate 2 the result is.

Considering that Bungie releases expansions every year, it’s not impossible that Shadowkeep content will be gone by 2023, which means 30th Anniversary Package can stay for at least a few years. In fact, everything in Fate 2 can be a bit heartbreaking, as players will have to part ways with many other characters and content in the future, and Xur’s Dares of Eternity likely won’t stay for long. And yet, by the time this happens, chances are most players will get everything they want out of Dares of Eternity or Grasp of Avarice, making the loss bearable.

Fate 2 available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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