xQc Makes Former Riot Games Dev Mald In The Debate Between Dota 2 And League Of Legends

It is the outspoken and often controversial Félix.”xQc“Lengyel delivers in live streams that make him most viewed streamer on Twitch. XQc found himself in a similar situation during a recent live stream where he was seen defending Dota 2’s complicated gameplay against League of Legends, an e-sports title. of an opponent, while arguing with former Riot Games employee Nathan”Blautoise“Blau. In addition to defending Dota 2’s mechanics, xQc also teased Blautoise, asking him to stop talking in the middle of the discussion because he had previously worked for Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends.

XQc backs up Dota 2’s complexity while talking to a former Riot Games developer

The debate between Dota 2’s complex gameplay and League of Legends began during a live stream on December 25, 2021 by popular streamers like xQc, Thomas”Sykkuno“, and others are playing Mario Kart and also discussing different MOBA titles.

After mentioning Warcraft 3 and DotA, xQc continued to speak out in favor of Dota’s gameplay, saying that stupid players don’t know how to calculate turn ratio and other aspects and their brains stop working when play game. This talk about turn rate seems to have prompted Blautoise to react by criticizing Dota 2’s gameplay.

“It was the worst design ever. It’s a terrible design. People think that just because something makes the game more difficult that makes the game better,” Blautoise said.

After a few people in the discussion asked Blautoise to stop giving “taken from the developer,” xQc mocks League of Legends. “Listen, it looks like League has three actionable items and they have to get rid of them, because people can’t activate them properly like a bunch of soy brats. Five buttons! Oh my, I can’t! I’m so tired.”

Blautoise’s rebuttal is to take a different approach to show why League of Legends is superior to Dota 2, as he says, “And how many people actually play Dota vs League?” This answer seems to upset xQc as he commented, “Wow! The popularity contest andie” and try to show that popularity is not proportional to quality.

Others in the chat also seemed against Blautoise and, with this popular comment, one of them pointed out that Dota 2 has the biggest tournaments in the world. However, Blautoise had no intention of giving up, as he said, “Dota has the biggest tournaments in the world because they are funded by a lot of fu**ing…”

The discussion then shifts back to the gaming corner when xQc mentions, “It is not difficult because it is difficult, it is difficult because it is complicated. That’s why League is so dog ****. It has no complexity, no depth. It is purely garbanzo. “

Blautoise disagrees, saying that League of Legends is “Many difficulties” while “Dota is a trash game” because in games like it, the developers added unnecessary complications.

As the live stream progressed, both sides stood firm, and the topic of the joke gradually changed – the most common outcome of the Dota 2 vs League of Legends debates.

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https://afkgaming.com/dota2/news/xqc-makes-former-riot-games-dev-mald-during-dota-2-vs-league-of-legends-debate xQc Makes Former Riot Games Dev Mald In The Debate Between Dota 2 And League Of Legends


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