Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Forgotten Supplies Guide

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There are well over 100 side quests Xenoblade Chronicles 3, meaning there are plenty of ways to keep yourself busy outside of the main story. Once players hit a milestone per chapter, they should consider going back to previous regions and see if there’s anything new. For example, Colony 9 might have something for Noah and his friends after they learn a certain party skill.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3‘s standard quest Forgotten supplies is easy, but it can be difficult when players are underleveled. In addition, there is a hero quest that must be completed before Forgotten Supplies becomes available. Although the quest requires a level 28 team, it doesn’t hurt players to level up to level 30+ before tracking down the supplies for Colony 9.


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How to unlock and complete forgotten supplies

There are several requirements to get Forgotten Supplies. Players should have done the following for it to become available:

  1. Complete Chapter 2 and recruit Silvermantle Ethel in Chapter 3.
  2. Listen in to any of the conversations surrounding Colony 4 to learn about the topic Colony 9 latelyand discuss this in a canteen/barracks or camp.
  3. Go to the question mark next to that Mouth of the Alfeto Valley landmark. There players will meet Zeon and start the hero quest where the heart is.
  4. After completing Zeon’s hero quest, listen to the residents of Colony 9 to get the The situation of Colony 9 Theme. Discuss this to officially begin Forgotten supplies (recommended level: 28).

If players haven’t already done so, they must unlock it wall climbing party ability. You can get this by completing Valdi’s hero quest: The Kind Right Hand. Valdi himself is encountered in Chapter 3 at the Ribbi Flats. Without this group ability, it is not possible to work on the Forgotten Supplies standard quest.

The supply box can be found under marble rise, which lies in the middle of the Etia region. As long as players have the Wall Climb ability, they can complete the quest.

  1. Fast travel to Kamo’s Guide landmark.
  2. Climb the purple vines north of the signpost.
  3. (see picture above; Follow the yellow line) Go around from the right side and to the lake. There’s also a soldier shell nearby, so make sure Noah or Mio is playing for them.
  4. After the lake, players can either go left or right. On the left are Kevesi soldiers and on the right normal monsters as well as the altruistic unique Maribel monster. The Kevesi Soldiers are at level 27-29 and the Unique Monster is at level 29. Players wishing to avoid fighting the Kevesi Soldiers can take the right path, but they must be careful not to attract the attention of the altruistic Maribel to attract.
    1. Left way (yellow line): Defeat the Kevesi soldiers and keep going straight.
    2. Right way (Green line): Go up the hill and stay away from the unique monster. Drop into the lake and then continue to the Supply Drop.
  5. Getting close to the supplies will trigger a fight between three level 28 Trollgrebels.

If players defeated the altruistic Maribel before starting Forgotten Supplies, they can simply fast-travel to her tomb at Murmur Rise to save time. However, note that this requires the Wall Climb skill and defeating the level 29 unique monster, which is easier when players are at a higher level.

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Should you drop off supplies?

Unfortunately, defeating the Grebels is not enough to complete the quest. Trish’s team from Colony 9 will approach Noah and the others and ask them to hand over the supplies. Players have two choices to answer, and unlike some quests, the decision here has a small impact:

  1. Discuss the matter: Eastman will take Noah’s hesitation as a challenge, leading to a fight against all 5 members of Trish’s team (each at level 28). Defeating them will give you some collectibles (Kevesi Dog Tags).
  2. Hand it over: Players don’t have to fight Trish’s team and will receive the key element consolation prize as a thank you. Since it is a key item, the consolation prize has no use in combat, meaning it cannot be equipped as an accessory or used to craft a gem.

If the players are of a high enough level, then they should select the first choice (Discuss the matter). Not only do players get the collectibles by defeating them, but they can also loot the supply container. are inside x2 Gems, x2 accessoriesand 1 Ether Cylinder. If players are underleveled or having trouble fighting the three Kevesi Soldiers or Grebels, it might be wise to just be a good player and hand over the supplies.

After the players make their decision, return to Colony 9 and talk to Camilla. Turning in forgotten supplies gives players the following:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available for Nintendo Switch.

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