Xenoblade Chronicles 3 fan makes pixelated version of Noah

A Xenoblade Chronicles 3 fan shows off a pixelated artwork they created of one of the game’s main characters, Noah.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has been well received by critics so far. The game pushes the Switch to its limits, retaining aspects from previous titles as it continues to progress. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is one of the biggest JRPGs of 2022, as well as one of Nintendo’s main console releases this year.

One of the main characters Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is Noah. He is a soldier and an off-seer, an individual who mourns the fallen by playing music on a flute. Wielding the Veiled Sword, he starts out as a Swordfighter class.


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A Redditor named Zipflop posted an artwork that he created from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah. The work is a pixelated version of the character, complete with the disguised sword and his red jacket. The art also captures his long hair and blue eyes, giving the veil sword a beautiful blue sheen. The piece that Zipflop made is a cute version of Noah that does a good job of showing aspects of the Protagonists who stand out and help define your look.

The artwork posted by Zipflop has garnered fans and currently sits at nearly 4,000 upvotes. A number of Reddit users have expressed their love for the work and asked for more. One commenter stated that it would be cool if Xenoblade Chronicles 3 allowed players to unlock pixelated versions of each class, while another mentioned they could envision an entire game using the art style. One fan said they’re playing through the first one right now Xenoblade Chronicles and Zipflop’s artwork got her excited to reach the third entry.

Zipflop is just one of many artists creating 2D versions of characters from popular 3D games. A Reddit user by the name of KingLeBr0n23 posted an image from Pharah over watch in pixel form that they made. The piece features Pharah hovering in the air, arm outstretched, as if about to unleash an attack. The work captures many physical aspects of the character, including her blue and gold armor, complete with the jump jet she wields. The image also has a yellow background with diagonal white stripes that match Pharah perfectly. The artwork also shows the over watch logo as well as the character’s name in a beautifully stylized font next to her. The piece looks amazing and shows how well 3D characters translate into a 2D aspect.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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https://gamerant.com/xenoblade-chronicles-3-pixel-art-noah/ Xenoblade Chronicles 3 fan makes pixelated version of Noah


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