Xbox should rekindle nostalgia with a guitar hero reboot

As the impact of Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard continues to be felt in the gaming industry, fans, commentators, and developers are all speculating on what will happen next. follow. After the new partnership addressed allegations of abuse and a seemingly bad workspace culture has been rampant in Activision for years, there’s reason to believe a minor renaissance of publisher IPs may be on the cards. If this turns out to be the case, Guitar Hero reboot that nostalgic music channel will be high on the agenda.


Based on interviews conducted with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer since the acquisition plan went public, it appears that Activision’s new owners are fully aware of the publisher’s failure to grace when it comes to IP diversity. Has become a house Call of Duty built, it feels like more franchises and studios will be free to make the games they want. Considering Microsoft’s strategy has revolved around creating a steady stream of Game Pass-ready content in recent years, the reboot Guitar Hero would make too much sense for the publisher to ignore.

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Microsoft Guitar Hero Resources


As the aftermath of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard continues to unfold, stakeholders have provided more comment on the events that brought the deal to paper. Something that captures the imaginations of players in particular was created by Activision’s outgoing CEO Bobby Kotick, regarding IPs that publishers have been unable to put into production in recent years. Along Skylanders, a new one Guitar Hero The installation was dropped as a project that Activision simply lacked the resources to make into a reality.

Widespread chip shortages, supply issues, and lack of QA production resources are all considered obstacles that have prevented Activision from creating the guitar peripherals that the theoretical rhythm game would require. bridge. With the vast resources of an organization like Microsoft currently being utilized, it’s easy to imagine most of these problems eventually becoming non-existent. Although Microsoft has faced production shortages since the launch of the Xbox Series X and S, the situation should improve significantly by the time the deal is actually finalized. Having a new brand Guitar Hero getting ready next year when that happens would be a great way for Microsoft to earn some goodwill from players.

Rhythm Game Competition

play a meme song of homestar runner.

About two generations of consoles ago, it was almost impossible to walk into a physical store without touching some form of music game peripheral. Thanks to the oversaturation of the rhythm game genre, both in terms of competition and in software, the landscape of the once-popular gaming corner looks far different today. Besides indie hits like Defeat Sabre and the occasional mobile title, lacks notable options for players looking for a fix for music-based wish fulfillment. When it comes to games based on physical peripherals, there are even fewer options as of 2015 Guitar Hero Live.

In many ways, the state of the genre, and the lack of any directing competition, embodies perfection the opportunity for Microsoft to bring Guitar Hero. Considering that the franchise has sold over 25 million copies by Activision’s latest estimates, there are so many players out there that the reboot could entice returning to the fold with nostalgia. Having massive monetary resources at its disposal also allows Microsoft to get around the licensing issues that have plagued recent games from featuring real-world music. Because of these factors, it’s not too much of a stretch to envision a reboot featuring new songs, along with some of the series’ most iconic hits, doing well in today’s market.

The potential to surpass the game


Although 2015 Guitar Hero The reboot was not enough to sustain the return of the franchise in the long run, things have changed in the industry since then. Microsoft’s Own Game Pass Service and its Netflix-style content model could be the perfect companion to a Guitar Hero game. After purchasing one of the theoretical reboot kits, players won’t have to worry about being overrun by a bunch of other plastic items. Instead, new compatible games and songs can be pushed to Game Pass on a regular basis to keep the experience relatively comfortable. With all of Activision’s games set to join the service daily, existing subscribers will also be encouraged to follow a tool.

Guitar Hero Live Released in 2015, on PS4, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and iOS.

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