Xbox naming conventions continue to cause confusion

The Xbox Series X and WILL are over a year old and they have proven to be impressive dashboards. With Xbox Series X, gamers are given access to 8K graphics, high frame rates, and raytracing. Series S, is a budget-friendly console that allows anyone to enjoy current generation games at lower resolutions than Xbox Series X. The success of Xbox’s omnidirectional approach has been proven. ant when Xbox Series S Reportedly As Black Friday’s Best-Selling Console of 2021.


Although dedicated players may find it easy to say Xbox Series X / WILL except for their predecessors, this is not the case for all new gamers and parents. During the holiday season, some parents may have bought the wrong console for their child, and any confusion due to Xbox’s naming convention is counter-intuitive to the brand’s success.

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Xbox console naming

xbox 20th

Microsoft released its first console, Xbox, in 2001; So named because it uses Microsoft’s DirectX graphics API. Although the console struggled to gain a foothold in overseas markets, including Japan, it was successful in North America. Xbox has struggled to turn a profit for Microsoft due to high production costs, but paved the way for future consoles.

Microsoft’s Next Home Console, Xbox 360, was released in 2005, a year before the PlayStation 3. Its name was chosen because of direct comparisons to the PlayStation 3 by calling it Xbox 2 which would make Microsoft’s console appear to be a generation behind Sony. , as Xbox Director Robbie Bach confirmed in an interview with IGN.

Xbox One released in 2013. The name is counterintuitive because it wasn’t the first Xbox. However, as Microsoft’s Jeff Henshaw explains, the name was chosen to highlight the fact that the console is meant to be an all-in-one home entertainment system. Microsoft has lost its fear of being compared to Sony devices, especially the PlayStation 4. As Henshaw put it, “I think there were a few ‘hmm’ minutes but then as soon as people realized it all. both and understood the experience, the branding was immediately applied to this new generation of experiences.” Several versions of Xbox One have been released, including Xbox One X and Xbox One S which are modifications. The middle generation has hardware upgrades.

Confusion caused by Microsoft’s ‘X’ character

Xbox One, Series X and Series WILL

With the current generation of consoles, Microsoft has basically reverted with the name “Xbox”, with Series X and Series S being different models. While this may seem like a nice way to simplify the naming conventions of Xbox consoles at first glance, it also leaves plenty of room for confusion. The Xbox One X and One S are still available alongside the Series X/S. So for the uninformed buyer, it could be easy to buy the “X” console and not realize one has grabbed the One X last generation instead of the current generation Series X.

Recent posts on Reddit like one by a user on the r/XboxSeriesX subreddit on December 27 highlight how easy it is for a non-gamer to make this mistake. They said, “I did a little research and thought it was basically the same thing but with a smaller fan and less powerful processor.” As parents soon learned, if their son “doesn’t get a Series X, he won’t be able to play with his friends anymore because his 4 good Xbox brothers all have Series X for Christmas.” This isn’t a mistake most hardcore gamers would make, but it’s an understandable one.

Sony avoids this problem by naming its consoles sequentially; PS3 was born after PS2, PS4 was born after PS3, and such. The PS5 also has many variations, but one is simply called “Digital Edition” to distinguish it. At this point, it doesn’t appear that Microsoft is interested in using a numbering system for its control panels. Hopefully the Xbox One console is slowly being phased out, cases where buyers mistakenly bought “X” when they wanted it Xbox Series X / WILL will no longer be a problem.

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The source: Reddit

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