Xbox Game Pass subscribers should play Guacamelee 2 while they still can

As a new month begins, Xbox Game Pass refreshes its game library once again. Several new titles have entered the service this December, including some popular games like Final Fantasy 13-2 and Halo Infinite. Xbox owners, and those who participate in the PC program, continue to enjoy a huge yield of cheap game rentals that they can use at their disposal. If the rumor is correct, Sony may be impressed by Game Pass that they intend to clone it using the PlayStation subscription service to bring back old games.


However, successfully replicating the Netflix model means that not everything can stay on Game Pass forever. Fewer matches have come, but they will continue. This month, another series of games will leave the service on December 15. Fate 2paid content and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair are two highlights, but one that Game Pass subscribers shouldn’t miss is Guacamelee 2. This metroidvania title arrived on the service alongside its predecessor a while back, and on December 15, it is set to shut down the service. Action platformers shouldn’t miss this stellar title from Drinkbox Studios and should make the most of it. Guacamelee 2 Is this accessible?

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Guacamelee games are excellent Metroidvanias

Fight the enemy in Guacamelee

NS Guacamelee The franchise includes a pair of action-platform metroidvanias that take a lot of cues from possibility is found in Metroid. The two games are both inspired by traditional Mexican folklore and culture and have a great colorful art style to back it up. That fun aesthetic is aided by a spirit world mechanic, whose players ultimately gain the ability to switch between mechanics on the fly. One issue that players care about the aesthetics of the game, as well as their writing, is the heavy reliance on referential humor. Lots of pop culture memes and references are found in the background and in the dialogue, which might turn off some. However, if one can get past those, a great action game awaits.

GuacameleeThe luchador’s actions pervade its being and is one of the strongest aspects of the series. As well as a variety of hits, slashes, and abilities when transformed into a chicken, players can approach grappling. Combat can be simple, but capturing boneless enemies and sending them to your teammates is always satisfying. Repetition can seem like a problem beyond fun boss fights, so players looking for a satisfying level of challenge might want to increase the difficulty a bit. With other players around, however, combat can still be a chaotic and enjoyable distraction from platforming and exploration.

Guacamelee 2 is the perfect evolution of Guacamelee

guacamelee! 2 chicken outfits

That brings in one of the first major improvements Guacamelee 2 has more than its predecessor: four-player co-op. While the first game only supported one or two players, the sequel allows up to four players with a variety of characters from Guacameleeof the Mexiverse, and decked them out in silly costumes in the process. Sorry, it’s offline only, but there are several screen sharing options. The rest can thank for the absence of chaos, while Guacamelee 2Its wars have seen a few interesting tweaks and expansions, its foundation now being even more focused. Guacamelee 2’s late platformers can be brutal, especially if one achieves a high level of fulfillment. However, that gives players something to look forward to.

Final, Guacamelee 2 can be described as Guacamelee 1, but more than that. It has more characters, more players, more enemies, more abilities, more platform challenges, more alternate worlds, and more interwoven references and Mexican culture. Those worried about missing out on anything from the first game can safely start with this one, as the experience is similar. Xbox Game Pass subscribers should not miss the opportunity this amazing metroidvania experience, especially if they can bring some friends along.

Guacamelee 2 Now out for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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