Xbox Game Pass games available on Xbox Series X, but not Xbox One

In about a year since Microsoft entered the next-gen console race with its two powerful Xbox Series systems, the publisher Game Pass Subscription services are said to have gone from strength to strength. While the monthly or yearly fees players invest in always provide excellent value in return, recent additions like Forza Horizon 5 and coming soon Halo Infinite will no doubt make the deal even sweeter for fans of the Xbox ecosystem.

Around the time that Microsoft initially announced the Xbox Series X and S, the console maker had a big deal on its plans to continue supporting the aging Xbox One. For this reason, the fact that Game Pass still actively providing owners of older consoles with new games to play is not surprising. Considering the issues that both Sony and Sony are still struggling with when it comes to next-generation console production, it can be argued that this spell is indeed commendable from an ethical perspective. Even so, though, if Game Pass subscribers want to get the most out of their investment, there are four games on the service that are only available on the shiny new systems.


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Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)

Modder adds Mario Kart Tracks to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just a quick glance at the latest entry in the icon Microsoft Flight Simulator and its impressive list of technical features make it easy to see why Asobo Studio’s games aren’t available on Xbox One, let alone the platform’s subsequent Game Pass offerings. Released in 2020 to critical acclaim on PC, simple title Microsoft Flight Simulator finally landed safely on Xbox Series X and S consoles earlier this year. Like all internal IPs cherished and owned by publishers, simulation games naturally launch on Game Pass day in and day out.

Get real-world map data from Microsoft’s Cloud-Based Azure Technology to create a surprisingly accurate image of planet Earth, which is why the Xbox One and its 2014-based hardware simply couldn’t meet the high performance requirements the game needed to run. smooth. That doesn’t even include impressive elements like AI procedurally generated games, volumetric lighting, or layered technology. As it stands, all of this ensures that Microsoft Flight Simulator is the only recent first-party console title in the publisher’s catalog not available on the Xbox One version of Game Pass.

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Recompile the game

Released in August 2021, Recompile is an indie game inspired by Metroidvania that puts the player in the metaphorical shoes of a sentient computer program desperately trying to prevent itself from being deleted. Stylized as a hack adventure, the horror that exists at the premise of the game forces the player to grapple with the 3D world of Mainframe, along with some intense rounds of combat, platforming, and puzzles. While the title has some admittedly impressive graphics and visual effects, the fact that the developer Phigames is a micro-studio might be the reason why. Recompile not playable on Xbox One or Netflix’s Game Pass library. When there are only limited resources to make a game, from some management reasons it makes sense to focus on optimizing the platforms that will launch over the next decade.


median marianne split worlds

At the time of its release in January, medium is an important title in the history of Xbox Series X and S for a number of compelling reasons. The psychological horror game was not only one of the first exclusives for Microsoft’s new next-gen consoles, but it was also the first to appear on Game Pass that Xbox subscribers One cannot be accessed. Although it is fair to say that Bloober Team’s Silent Hill-inspirational title polarized opinion on the internet primarily for some story-based design decisions and has since moved to Sony’s PS5, which remains exclusive to the Xbox Series and PC versions of the subscription service. sign.

In spite of medium first visualized as a PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 game in 2012, the dimensional jumping antics that protagonist Marianne now performs during her adventures may be why Bloober Team has chosen to abandon Xbox altogether. One. Based on the occasional technical glitches that players experienced when the game initially launched, it’s easy to imagine that the coming Xbox system would have trouble handling dimensional concurrent rendering’ real world’ and ghostly spirits.

The Riftbreaker

day one xbox game pass the breakers explained

Released simultaneously on Xbox Series X, S, and Xbox Game Pass in October of this year, The Riftbreaker is a base building strategy game bring together features like mech-based combat, hack and clash gameplay, and action role-playing elements. Besides addictive survival theme mechanics and unique visual identity, The Riftbreaker It’s also important to Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem as it has yet to be released on Xbox One. As it stands, the only way subscribers can access it via Game Pass is if they’ve managed to get one of the publisher’s supply-constrained next-gen consoles.

It should be noted that when the game was initially announced to the world, there were rumors that The Riftbreaker will be coming to Xbox One and PS4 at an unspecified time in the future, following its release on PC and next-gen consoles. Right now, a month after the start of that proposed phased release schedule, there’s been no further mention of those last-gen portals from the talented creator from Poland, Exor Studio. If the portals are still active, there’s a reason the game will arrive on Xbox One Game Pass Version at that time. By a token similar to the one mentioned above Recompile, however, it would also make sense for a number of reasons of money, time and resources if this particular indie studio chose to focus its attention elsewhere, locking the game permanently from Xbox Series version of Game Pass.

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