Xbox Game Pass Game Mind Scanners Explained

December will be an important month for Xbox Game Pass, mainly because of the sequel to the flagship series, Halo Infinite, will drop on December 8. Of course, as a Microsoft first-party title, it will be available on day one to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Although fans will have to wait a few more days to experience the campaign, players can now enjoy Halo InfiniteMultiplayer free of charge.

However, other players may be more interested in Xbox Game Pass indie game. Starting November 30, players can check Mind scanner, a sci-fi simulation game compared to Papers, please for its format. Because of this game’s positive reputation so far, players should consider trying it out for free with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.


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What is a Mind Scanner?

In Mind scannerIn the game, the player takes the role of a Mind Scanner, someone who probes around other people’s brains to check and look for signs of psychotic discrimination using therapeutic devices intended to help them recover. The player works for The Structure, a megacity ruled by a corrupt government, which sounds similar to many cyberpunk settings. Its goal is to eliminate anyone showing signs of psychotic discrimination, and these machines essentially cure the trait by removing the host’s entire personality. In this way, the Structure can maintain control over its citizens.

As the main character, the player is also controlled by The Structure, albeit in a different way. It has quarantined the PC’s daughter, and the only way to bring her back is to climb the ranks by becoming a successful Mind Scanner, that is, obeying The Structure’s will. Or at least, that’s what The Structure says will happen. On the other hand, the player can also choose to actively rebel against the megacity.

Players can diagnose NPCs through a series of tests, such as the Rorschach test. During the diagnostic process, they will need to choose from three options, and three consecutive correct answers are needed to progress through the failed treatment phases. At the end of the mind scan, it’s time for the player to decide if the patient is “sane” or “insanity”, a heinous tactic used to deduce they are a problem person or a model citizen. If a player declares someone “sane”, that can lead to negative consequences later on, although possibly more ethical. However, the player chooses to go about the haunting profession, Mind scanner is rich with many types of finishes.

Treating patients in Mind scanner also requires a surprising amount of strategy. Each processing is allocated only 200 seconds and every day the PC must also pay The Structure or risk being evicted to the Outer Zone. In this way, players must combine the ethics of spending money to diagnose patients (and more humane ways that cost extra) with the cost of survival time. It’s like a ridiculous, cyberpunk Stardew Valley.

Above Steam, Mind scanner holds a “Very Positive” reputation from player reviews, where the story is praised above all else. Above Metacritic, it has a solid score of 75.

For the fans who have tested and liked the cyberpunk bar simulator VA-11 Hall-A (pronounced “Valhalla”), leaving November 30, they should continue the trend of sci-fi simulations Mind scanner as the two discuss the tumultuous politics of a bleak future presented with compelling pixel graphics.

Xbox Game Pass available for PC and Xbox consoles.

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