Xbox Game Exclusivity of The Outer Worlds 2 Irony of The Outer Worlds 2

Outer Worlds 2 was revealed to be an Xbox exclusive this past summer, which misses out on the plot point of the original game.

The Outer Worlds 2 Xbox Exclusivity Irony

Many sequels from successful games were set throughout 2021 and one such sequel was revealed over the summer as The Outer World 2. Obsidian Entertainment’s gripping sci-fi adventure through the stars has been well received by those who are both familiar and new to the developer’s RPG style and the first trailer for the game. The Outer World 2 assures fans that it will maintain the same level of humor as the first game. While it probably won’t be out anytime soon, the reveal is enough to get many fans excited for a return to Obsidian’s twisted storytelling at some point in the future.


However, unfortunately for some fans, The Outer World 2 was revealed with a rather large asterisk that the first part did not have. As a result of Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Obsidian, The Outer World 2 will be exclusive to Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X / WILL. This would be very strange for any game to have its sequel restricted to several platforms when the first is available on everything possible, but the reality is The outside world spent most of his story satirizing the same entrepreneurial mentality that Xbox is using The Outer World 2Its situation seems too ironic to be true.

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Satire about the outside world

One of the best features of The outside world is witty writing and its sci-fi setting is framed around a crumbling capitalist system. Halcyon Colony literally run by corporations, there is no formal democratic government and only business whims driving things. Not too different from some real-world situations, the game satirizes what happens when corporations have too much influence in running society by showing the extremes created by a system. so. From the depravity of the conditions created by Spacer’s Choice, to the elite of Halcyon’s capital, Byzantium.

The outside world‘ story resonates with many gamers because of its satirical honesty. If the past few years have shown anything, it’s that companies aren’t always willing to put employee happiness above profits. The main message of the game is to recognize that this mentality is misguided and in many cases immoral, but a broken system can be changed when everyone’s better comes first. When the credits continue The outside world, and if the player can get the most favorable ending, there is a strong sense that not everything has to be cashed in quickly.

Outer Worlds 2 Xbox Exclusivity Problem

Outer Worlds 2 can use Unreal Engine 5

After all the work that The outside world satirized and called attention to the shady business practices of some corporations, The outside world 2Xbox exclusivity becomes hard to believe. The simple driving force behind it is this, one of the biggest drivers behind console sales are games specifically for them. PlayStation proved this for over a decade with its rampant success and decided to make games like The Outer World 2 exclusive to Xbox is no doubt in response to it. Just like those in the Halcyon colony, however, this profit-driven decision will only hurt gamers who are looking forward to the sequel and don’t have access to the necessary systems.

Details are still very sparse on The Outer World 2 in general, including the game’s release window. If Xbox ultimately wants to share a sequel with other gamers, it may have to adopt a time-exclusive approach like many other games have taken in recent years. This is hardly the ideal situation for PlayStation or Switch owners who want to enjoy The Outer World 2 The sooner the better, but it’s better than never being able to play them all. For now, gamers will only have to hope that Obsidian at least self-aware enough to include some verbal references to this exclusivity in the final matchup.

The Outer World 2 Currently in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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