X-Men movies are the perfect definition of a mixed bag

The collective superhero movie is a mixture of the sublime and the forgettable. Avengers: Infinity War captivate audiences in ways a superhero movie has never done before, while Catwoman is a landfill fire. There is perhaps no other superhero movie franchise as mixed as Fox’s X-Men franchise. There are some great performances, none as high as Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine. There are also some dull performances and a lot of issues around continuity.

The X-Men franchise helped push superhero stories into the 21st century eight years before the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) began. In landlocked waters, the Fox is sometimes admirable and loyal to the source material, and sometimes bluntly unforgiving.


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With X Men Under his belt, Fox Studios took the lead with Mutant 2 in 2003. With a familiar cast, returning and liberated from the essentials of the first film (such as explaining character origins), Mutant 2 was a success with critics and was acclaimed by the audience. It’s a smart movie with believable motives that feels like a worthy successor to the first X-Men movie.

X-Men: First Class took a risk by rewinding the X-Men clock. Set in the 1960s during the Cuban Missile Crisis, this movie is more of an X-Men story than the original. X Men film from 2000. The back-and-forth between Professor X and Magneto is particularly great, with the film giving Magneto a believable superhero story. This movie will probably leave a bigger nostalgia for superhero fans if the X-Men franchise is more consistent and if the movie doesn’t come out. just one year before 2012 Avengers.

X-Men: Days of Future Past boldly included actors from the original trilogy as well as its new cast in the context of the story’s passage of time. It was well acted and was taken from some much-loved X-Men source material. Also, unlike its predecessor, it introduces Wolverine in over ten seconds, which is financially wise as well as made for great storytelling. It’s a shame that this is the second movie in a four-movie plot, as it’s the last X-Men movie worth seeing. X-Men: Days of Future Past would make a great start while the X-Men move from Fox to Marvel Studios.

Deadpool is cut

Deadpool Is one Revealed to the superhero movie industry. This is an R-rated movie that came out in February and still makes close to $800 million thanks in part to some pretty genius marketing. Ryan Reynolds was born to play Merc with a Mouth who broke the fourth wall. One can hardly tell that Reynolds is acting in the movie, it just comes so naturally. With its sheer amount of gratuitous violence and a raw sex appeal, Deadpool is uncharted waters and a gamble for Fox that has massively paid off. Since 2016, Deadpool has quickly become one of the most popular Marvel characters among audiences.

2017 Logan is a swan song by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine after 17 years playing the clawed mutant. It follows Deadpool into R-rated waters, there’s a grittier, more mundane Wolverine, and borrowed from a lover Old Man Logan graphic novel plot. Logan there are some lackluster villains, but that only makes the audience focus more on Wolverine and his young prodigy in the film. The ending is a very emotional message to Hugh Jackman, with Logan was the last X-Men production owned by Fox that was truly worth seeing in theaters.

X-Men Wolverine gets cut

X Men took a big risk in creating a composite film without creating the original story first. Looking back, it’s easy to see why Marvel went the opposite direction to 2012 Avengers. The cast, acting, and story are all very good X Men. However, some of the dialogue is pretty average (preferably) and the characters aren’t very well-formed. Magneto is at the peak of his power, but Wolverine was easily dispatched relatively soon in the film, creating some confusing contradictions. X Men should be commended for being the first of its kind, but there is clearly a lot of room for improvement.

Werewolves Not a bad movie by any stretch. Wolverine brought Wolverine to Japan, where some of the most important moments in his comics took place. However, the villains are also not thoughtful and the ending is a bit weak. Maybe because it’s a slightly warm expression, Werewolves is a pretty forgettable movie save for some acting.

Deadpool 2 is the highest-grossing superhero film produced by Fox of all time. After the great success of Deadpool, a sequel with more characters and a bigger budget. It just doesn’t have the same charisma as the original, and seems to have tried a little too hard to be amusing at certain moments in the final act. It’s also a film with a bit of a limbo as at this point the Fox and Disney merger was announced.

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X-Men: Last Stand took two great risks. It borrowed money from love X-Men: Dark Phoenix plot and recent X-Men: Gifted graphic novel. However, it is not the story. With a complicated plot and a change in the director’s chair, the original X-Men trilogy went away with sobs.

There is no movie on this list that is more offensive Werewolf mutant. Despite its amazing cast and admirable acting, this film will always be remembered as a bittersweet story. It will also be remembered for introducing Deadpool in a messy, inexplicable way that comics fans will never forgive. Marvel will have to remake Wolverine’s origin story more realistically, as the sour taste for this movie still lingers in the minds of many superhero fans.

X-Men: Apocalypse is a movie that ruined a perfect cast and decent plot. It did so with bad computer-generated visuals, lackluster dialogue, and poorly timed acting. Apocalypse is the big, evil supervillain of the X-Men universe. He should have been a computer-generated character voiced by Oscar Isaac, instead of looking like a Power Ranger superhero.

Black Phoenix revive X-Men: Last Standrespect for Dark Phoenix Saga. However, it did so faintly. At this point, it feels like the entire creative team is falling apart, as Fox’s deal with Disney is dotted and dry. Nineteen years after the X-Men hit the silver screen, they left it with a lot to be desired. Now, in the hands of Marvel Studios, the X-Men must have a much brighter future. Dozens of X-Men movies under the direction of Fox Studios are a lesson in what can be right and wrong with superhero movies.

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