Wytchwood: Unlock all portals off

To go fast in Wytchwood, players will want to unlock each portal as quickly as possible in every new location.


There are a total of nine fast travel portals across the maps of Wytchwood. Players will have to unlock each one in turn, finding the hidden portal on the other side of the wizard’s realm while out in the world. This will allow players to go wherever they want using Wytchwood Hearthseed.

Forest portal

Unlike the portal that brings the witch back to her home in the middle, the first portal the player will encounter is the one in the Forest. Using Witch Sight or simply probing the map by hand can help players find hidden entrances, mainly because this entrance is the easiest to find. This gate is located behind the Bird Watcher, on the west side of the dogs with the necessary fur to light up the braziers in Wytchwood. This portal is opened automatically at the start of the game.


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Swamp Portal

The swamp is most likely the second location the player will visit in indie games Wytchwood. The portal is located in the center of the swamp in a large rotting stump. Looking northwest of the Swamp entrance from the Forest.


School Gate

Next is the Fields Portal. The player can be found south of the Fields entrance, just east of the bull. Players will want to record the cow’s position, as its milk will be the key ingredient in upcoming puzzles.


Village portal

After capturing the first four souls required by the goat, he will assign the witch four new souls in four new locations. They are located in the Village, Market, Graveyard and Pier. The first of these new locations that players can access is the Gate Village slightly northwest of the center on this map. relaxing video game title.


Market portal

The market is located near the Village here focus on craft Stardew Valley-like a game. In the center of the town is a statue of soldiers and horses; there is a crack in the foundation leading to the portal.


Cemetery Gate

To the east of the Hanging Tree and Gravedigger’s house, the player will find a mermaid statue atop a crypt. This crypt contains the portal.


Docks . Port

Look north of Dock 4 to find the mounds holding the portal at Docks.


Mountain Portal

The last four souls are all located in the locations the player has been to, except for one; The mountain biome is located north of the village. Its gate on the north side of the man claims Ice Berries. The gate is surrounded (and blocked) by a horde of small snowmen.


Portal Home

Portal Home in family-friendly puzzle game Wytchwood is automatically unlocked with scissors when the player needs to light the pliers at home. If the player uses Hearthseed anywhere in the world, the seed will take them to the middle right next to this portal leading to the witch’s house.

Wytchwood available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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