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The Cleric is a strong and versatile character in virtually every RPG that has some type of the category. It was once related primarily with therapeutic, however gamers have taken some inventive steps with the Cleric that embody placing them in fight and protection rolls, and the result’s one other combo class that may compete with Fighters and Rogues in relation to versatility. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous already has a popularity for all kinds of courses because the tabletop recreation on which it’s based mostly, and the Cleric is certainly one of 25 completely different decisions gamers are provided.

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The Clerics of the Pathfinder universe use Knowledge as their major potential rating for studying expertise, and Area choice relies on the selection of the subclass. In Wrath of the Righteous, these decisions can even decide the spells, armor, and weapons a personality can use. The Cleric is likely one of the few courses that does not undergo a penalty to their casting potential due to their armor, which is why most gamers use them as a combination of healer and defender or damage-dealer.

There are 3 ways to construct a Cleric in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Gamers can select a pre-generated choice from the very begin or wait till the Cleric companion is recruited into the social gathering in Chapter 2. The preferred choice is the third one, for the protagonist to be a Cleric, permitting the participant to construct the character from the bottom up. The next information contains all the above choices.

Skill Scores for Clerics

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  • Knowledge. All the time crucial potential rating for each Cleric, however the order of others will range.
  • Consitution. Extra hitpoints are all the time higher, however that is extra of a precedence for melee fighters or combo Clerics.
  • Energy. Just for melee fighters, in any other case a low-priority potential.
  • Dexterity. One other ultimate potential for melee fighters, however spellcasters who want higher dodge skills would additionally profit from it.
  • Charisma. Helpful if the participant desires to have a robust Persuasion modifier, however in any other case not a vital potential rating.
  • Intelligence. Usually not vital to a Cleric, WotR has a variety of Notion checks and it is simpler to succeed at these with a better Intelligence potential rating.


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  • Aasimar. The Aasamir Heritage the participant chooses may give this character a lift for any construct conceivable, together with boosts to Knowledge, Consitution, and Energy. It is the most effective decisions accessible and makes a variety of RP sense when paired with the Angelic Mythic Path.
  • Dhampir. A terrific selection for Clerics that wish to wield Unfavorable Harm, since this race has an affinity to Unfavorable Power and may use spells from this college to self-heal. This race may need much less room for innovation later, however can shift between melee and ranged injury at any time.
  • Dwarf. The traditional Healer and Protector mixture typically begins with a hearty race like a Dwarf. They’ve buffs to each Structure and Knowledge, which is a superb begin so long as the lack of -2 to Charisma is not too painful.
  • Elf. Not an apparent selection, with buffs in skills like Intelligence and Dexterity and a penalty in Structure. Nevertheless, they’ve some enhancements to casting skills and proficiency with distance weapons, so a inventive participant could make this work.
  • Gnome. A minus to Energy, however that solely issues for melee Fighters, and Gnomes have the scores the place it counts in Consitution and Charisma. This race additionally has a variety of useful spell resistance and dodge bonuses, so for a construct that is meant for healers, this makes a variety of sense.
  • Halfling. Dexterity and Charisma are the bonuses for this race, which is not promising for constructing a Cleric at first. Nevertheless, Halflings have a variety of different useful skills like Halfling Luck, which supplies them a bonus on all saving throws. A doable construct for this tace may very well be a injury supplier or healer that must be gentle on their toes.
  • Half-Elf. Gamers can add +2 to any potential rating when making a Half-Elf, and this race will get the identical +2 resistance to sleep spells as different Fey races, so it is easy so as to add that to Knowledge and construct a Cleric. Use the bonus Feat at Degree 1 to additional customise this character for nearly any construct.
  • Half-Orc. This is able to make for some attention-grabbing RP, and given {that a} Half-Orc can select any potential rating for a +2 bonus it makes much more sense. That is the best race to decide on for gamers that wish to construct a extra battle-minded Cleric targeted on melee motion.
  • Human. Probably the most versatile selection for any character, the +2 bonus people get to any potential rating, together with the extra Ability at each stage, is a superb begin for any Cleric construct. People are available all kinds of cultures and worship many deities, so there’s nearly nothing to restrict the alternatives right here.
  • Kitsune. There are two decisions for a Kitsune heritage, and neither of them has a constructive Knowledge modifier. Like Elves, the Kitsune is a race that is targeted on Dexterity and Intelligence, so this is not probably the most viable selection until the participant has a selected ranged combating construct within the thoughts.
  • Oread. The precise racial bonuses for this race range relying on the participant’s selection of Oread Heritage, however two of the three decisions are nice for Clerics. The Ironsoul Oread takes a +2 bonus to Knowledge and Consitution and entry to a spell that features melee weapon injury. Common Oreads get a +2 to Knowledge and Energy and the Stone Fist spell.
  • Tiefling. What’s a faith to some is ancestor worship to others, so a Tiefling Cleric of the Evil persuasion would possibly simply be serving a well-known ancestor. It would not appear intuitive at first, however there are a number of Tielfing Heritage choices to select from that supply each Knowledge and Consitution bonuses, so it is a first rate selection.

Pre-Made Character Cleric Builds

Sordara, A Pregenerated Cleric

Sordara PreGen Char Pathfinder WotR

There are a number of decisions of pre-generated characters that characterize a number of courses, and the Cleric on the checklist is an Oread by the title of Sordara. Even when a participant intends to develop their Cleric, these character data pages are useful to make use of as a reference as to at least one doable construct in relation to fundamental potential scores and the way the selection of Area impacts different components of the construct.

An Oread is a pleasant selection for a Cleric due to their Knowledge and Consitution buff, however this relies on what racial background the character chooses. On this case, nonetheless, Sordara is primarily a spellcaster and needs a higher Wisdom for a greater number of spells.

Sosiel, An In-Recreation Companion

Sosiel ability scores level 20

Sosiel joins the protagonist after they’re appointed because the Commander of the Crusaders. His diety is Shelyn, a god of aesthetic magnificence, and because the guidelines of Pathfinder dictate, he carries a Glaive because of his selection of diety.

A excessive Consitution means he can take some hits, however his catalog of therapeutic spells is intensive. For a participant that is fascinated with a Cleric that may act as the party’s support in virtually any role, Sosiel is one instance of a Cleric that may do a little bit of every little thing.

Area and Diety Choice

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There are 33 doable Domains accessible to Clerics in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, together with 22 deities that supply quite a lot of weapon proficiencies. The probabilities to combine and match are spectacular, making this an thrilling a part of any Cleric construct. Alignment is said to the flexibility to channel both Optimistic or Unfavorable power, which determines whether or not a Cleric casts spells that heal or spells that hurt.

The selection of diety and Area are sometimes associated, and a few are extra apparent than others. For instance, Clerics which might be melee damage-dealers would select the Warfare Area, which scales injury to the character’s Knowledge rating and worship the god Torag to get a Warhammer proficiency.

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The Finest Cleric Builds

Angelic Healer

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This Cleric is concentrated on therapeutic, however they’re simply as efficient exterior the battlefield or deep within the fray because of having a greater AC than different therapeutic courses. That is one risk for these which might be permitting following the Angel or Aeon Mythic Path.

Avoiding partaking in melee fight is the precedence for this sort of Cleric. Their precedence is therapeutic, buffing, and crowd management, which is best completed from the sidelines. Dexterity would be the precedence stat for this class after Knowledge and Structure and their armor can be gentle to medium.

Battlefield Controller

Seela the Paladin Pathfinder-Headless_horseman

This can be a defensive function {that a} Paladin or Fighter would possibly take, however with an emphasis on dealing with the enemies in a struggle versus simply drawing their aggression. A diety with a heavy melee weapon is preferable to at least one that favors daggers or bows, in the meantime spells like Sleep or Maintain can be utilized for crowd management.

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Structure is as vital as Knowledge right here, so an Oread or a Dwarf is an efficient begin for this construct since they’re the one courses which have a racial bonus for each. The Safety Area is the obvious and most suitable option for this Cleric, and gamers can use it for themselves and their social gathering.

Divine Harm


This is a Cleric that may deal as a lot injury as therapeutic, plus they’ve a melee weapon in case the defender wants some assist. Make sure that they’ve a excessive Structure and a heavy armor proficiency to allow them to take as a lot injury as they offer.

Select a diety with a two-handed sword proficiency and prioritize safety spells. For people who desire a hack and slash Cleric that fights on the entrance line, that is the best construct.

Shadow Priest

Sorcerers Wizards Pathfinder split image undead and human

The polar reverse of the Angelic Healer, it is a possible class to maneuver on to a Mythic Path with a extra sinister background, just like the Lich. Gamers may also select the trail of Unfavorable Harm together with an evil deity, offered their ethical alignment permits, and wield spells that damage residing creatures versus therapeutic them. These skills make this Cleric a nasty foe with each melee weapons and spell injury.

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