WOW Classic Season of Mastery Changes Compared to World of Warcraft Classic

The World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery has been released. I believe that many friends have already entered the game. So what is the difference between WOW Classic SOM and WOW Classic? This time I will tell you about it. In fact, the opening Season of Mastery this time is a server prepared by Blizzard for permanent level 60 WOW Classic players. WOW Classic Season of Mastery has large popularity in this new server. According to Blizzard, SOM reincarnates once every 12 months, and Blizzard also knows that the server is returning to the pot after cooking cold rice, so many changes have been made. The constant is that WOW Classic Season of Mastery Gold still is the essential in-game currency of this new server!

List of changes of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery

NO.1 System Changes

·If you are a player that owns a level below 60, you can get the “Adventure Awaits” buff that increase the XP gained from task submission by 40%. This buff will also provide additional bonus XP for group and dungeon quests.

·If a player is playing in raid instances, you are no longer to benefit from world buff effects, including Spirit of Zandalar, Warchief’s Blessing and more! And two contents will removed in this new server, including buff and debuff limits.

·Players who kill enemies in a team with one or more player levels much higher than the enemy they kill get less experience. The calculation used to determine the XP gained by an enemy “clicked” by one player or team but killed by another has been tweaked.

·Chat report feedback content has been improved and brought to this new server. Added in-chat acknowledgements for players who report inappropriate behavior in chat and for those who might be reported. Players who report verbal harassment or other disruptive chats in the game will be confirmed when they take actions against other players. When your behavior deteriorates moderately, you may receive warning messages so that you can modify your behavior before being penalized. When serious player misconduct is observed, the system may skip the warning and take immediate action.

NO.2 Contents

·The difficulty of defeating raid bosses has been modified, the boss health has all been increased, and the skills of the other creatures have also been strengthened. For example, a boss in Molten Core previously had only two mobs, but in the season of Mastery server it became four, and the amount of the health of the mobs is still doubled, which undoubtedly raises several levels for the difficulty of defeating these enemies.

·Of course, a lot of players will ask what will happen to world buffs. Before this server is released, many players were very upset about the world buff. They had to spend more than half an hour to get world buffs! Good news is that World buffs will no longer work inside raid instances in WOW Classic Season of Mastery. This change brings you an advantage that you needn’t to kill Onyxia, and direct to Orgrimmar and head to the Blackwing Lair. In this situation, you can raid the place with the Dragon Slayer’s buff. Because the buff has a duration of 120 minutes from the moment you acquire it, it has been a buff of a circus, and then try to get the entire raid 40 player to instantiate it as soon as possible, usually asking the alt warlock instance to summon the people around.

SOM only opened for a year, so the pace of the game must be very fast, and Blizzard has increased the difficulty of returning to the game by making it possible for players to quickly reach the full level by doing missions, which are roughly half as much as before. If you want to try this game, it is exactly the best time to equip yourself with cheap WOW Classic SOM Gold at with biggest deals ever!

Huynh Nguyen

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