Would ‘Throw the Entire Congress Into Chaos’

President Joe Biden on Wednesday said he supports both the law and the legislation his supporters want to repeal in order to pass.

The controversial and perennial Filibusterbu Upper House Parliament procedure that allows a minority party in the Senate to block legislation. The effect of this tactic was to require 60 votes to close an election, making it difficult for a majority party with fewer than 60 senators to pass legislation without members of the other party participating.

This year, left-wing Democrats have been calling for the cameraman to be removed for Democratic funding election overhaul bill can pass the Senate. In June, the Republican Party succeeds come back bill, raise the shouting from the left to abolish the objection

Biden, who has attacked Republican-led states has passed election integrity legislation, was asked at a CNN town hall why, if the election overhaul bill is so important, the president would not be willing to support unjustified leveling to pass the law.

Biden began by asserting his aversion to the states through their own electoral reform.


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“There has never been an attempt by state legislatures before to take on the ability to determine who won – not counting votes, determining who won,” he said, according to a report. White House scoreboard.

“We have election officials on the board that they decided to push out of the way. And if, in fact, tomorrow – let’s say we were running last time and we – these laws went into effect – these changes,” Biden added.

“In Georgia, the Georgia legislature – you know, Biden won by thousands of votes; they might say, ‘We don’t think it’s legal.’ And the state legislature votes, ‘We will send electors to Congress to vote for Trump, not Biden.’ That has never been, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever tried before. This is Jim Crow on steroids we’re talking about. “

Biden then went down in the history of a debate, noting that senators were once required to keep speaking for the duration they held any piece of legislation in question.

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“I will tell you what I will do. I’ll come back to that, where you have to maintain the floor. You have to stand there and talk and hold your ground,” Biden said.

CNN host Don Lemon then questioned Biden’s stance on bringing filament before the election overhaul. Biden responded by saying, in essence, he’s for both.

“I would like to see the United States Congress, the United States Senate, pass S. 1 and S. 4, the John Lewis Act, get them to my desk so I can sign it,” he said.

“But here’s the deal: What I also want to do – I want to make sure we don’t just bring in all the Democrats; we brought along Republicans, whom I know better. They know better than this,” he said.

“And what I don’t want to do is get caught up, right now, in the debate about whether this is all about the good filming – look, the American public, you can’t stop them from voting. . You tried last time. The last time more people voted than at any other time in US history was in the midst of the worst pandemic in US history. Many people did,” he said.


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“And they showed up. They will appear again. They will do it again. But what I want to do is I’m trying to bring the country together. And I don’t want the debate to just revolve around whether or not we have a filter or an exception to the filter, or going back to the way filters were used before,” Biden added.

Lemon notes that former President Barack Obama has called filibuster a relic of Jim Crow, a reference to racism and a comment on Biden agrees.

“If it’s a Jim Crow relic, it’s been used against civil rights laws in history, why protect it?” Lemon asked.

“There’s no reason to defend it other than you would throw the entire Congress into chaos and nothing gets done,” Biden said.

Biden then left behind to voice his support for the legislation being adopted by this tactic.

“And a lot of things are at stake. The most important thing is the right to vote. That is the most important thing. And your vote is counted and counted by an honest person counting it,” he said.

Biden continued by turning the topic of discussion to the glory of the free money his administration sent out.

“But it goes further. For example, wouldn’t my friends on the other side be interested in debating filming instead of passing the Restoration Act? Or would they prefer not to do it instead of being in position what we offer – how many of you have kids under 17? Raise your hand. Guess what? You’re getting a lot of money on a monthly check, aren’t you?” he speak.

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