Would be .net reliable in 2022?

If you are an experienced programmer creating Windows applications with Visual C ++, an Internet programmer constantly following the latest trends, or a beginner developer who does not yet see the differences between various software platforms, I am sure that when you start learning Visual Studio .NET, you are sure to ask yourself: what is .NET?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. Microsoft uses NET markings on many products, but they all fit into one strategy.

So, .NET is:

  • The platform on which the program code is executed;
  • New versions of application expansion means, for example, Visual Studio;
  • A set of server products that promote the .NET platform;
  • A unique way to create and build applications that share performance tasks between various components, that can even be located in Internet.

The .NET platform does not supply a means of executing applications created by Windows or some other software platform. Instead of this application .NET assembled into Microsoft’s intermediate language run under the Common Language Runtime (CLR). This “program implementation machine” converts the MSIL code to the original program code, and gives many other functions, including remembering management, safety, and support for interoperability between apps (for example, operating the application of a COM object, or calling code from a DLL). Use dataxdev – outsource dot net development

.NET Foundation

The .NET platform is the first to fully execute loosely related programming ideal for developing XML-based web assistance. The set of tools supplied by the .NET platform allows you to create services, client, and server elements using a single technology. 

But most importantly, in our opinion, the innovation is that developers have the opportunity to practice not think about where and how their software will work, and focus on what it will do. This platform takes ASP-companies and application hosting technology to the next level, providing the integration, conventional or offered through hosting, individual configuration of such applications, the ability to program their capabilities by clients and run them offline. 

In addition, creators can operate a rich set of basic, customizable Microsoft .NET benefits building blocks to create their applications and assistance. By being able to subscribe to these basic services, you have the freedom to buy-ready-made or do-it-yourself. The basic building blocks of Microsoft .NET services include:

  1. Personal Identification – Based on Microsoft Passport and Windows authentication technology, it implements a variety of levels of authentication, from passwords to smart cards and biometric devices. This service is already supported in the Windows .NET beta “Whistler”.
  2. Notifications and Messaging – Integrates messaging, email, voicemail, and other forms of notification and messaging into a unified, shared environment available on any device. It relies on the Hotmail web service, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Instant Messenger.
  3. Calendar is the basis for the secure integration of users’ calendars (work, public, and home) so that they are open for all devices, as agreeably as for other services and individuals. This service relies on Microsoft Outlook and Hotmail Calendar scheduling tools.
  4. Directories and folders – Search for services and people on the web. .NET directories can implement programmatic interaction with services, answering questions asked according to certain schemes about the capabilities of these benefits, including importancy of discovery phase.
  5. Dynamic Delivery – Allows development companies to offer dynamic incremental functionality and automatic upgrades on demand. This avoids user involvement in the initial installation and configuration processes. This reversal of the traditional application deployment model, which requires the explicit launch of installation procedures, is vital in the new IT environment.

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