‘Worst Roommate Ever,’ Netflix Reveals Scary Roommates From Hell, Led by Jamison Bachman

With titles like Worst roommate ever, Netflix’s newest true-crime series (March 1) promises a collection of wild residential horror stories. So being the baddest of the bunch is a really questionable achievement – and in this case, that distinction goes to Jamison Bachman, a Philadelphia native who’s spent the better part of his life. to drive more women crazy like a mass polluter. Concealing his decades-long reign of terror by killing the only person in the world to take care of him, Bachman is truly the most monstrous roommate ever, and his story We are a stark reminder that when welcoming strangers into your home, tenants should always be careful.

However, Bachman was terrible Worst roommate everThe first three stories of each received one volume, his story received two volumes (based on William Brennan New York Magazine Article of the same name), thus limiting this incredible series. At the heart of Bachman’s story is Alex, who in 2017 posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a roommate to share her apartment in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Send its prominence in other stories, Craigslist might seem like the least reliable place to find roommates, but Alex nonetheless trusted a man named Jed Creek when he promptly responded, meeting her in person (along with the dogs). their own, who were traveling with), and then agree to share the responsibility as co-tenants. Before Alex could breathe, Jed was inside her house with nothing but a few plastic crates, some bedding, and his dog — an astonishingly small amount of personal items for one person. the man, by all accounts, was a law scholar who provided online tutoring services.

Despite promising to do so, Jed did not sign a lease before moving in with Alex. And before long, he was also refusing to do other things — like paying his share of the rent, utility bills, and any other expenses. Recounting the ordeal with a mixture of anger, astonishment and tears, Alex makes it clear that, along with her mother Susan, she had solved the problem on her own, when she discovered a troubling situation: Jed Creek is the alias being used by Jamison. Bachman, and there are articles online about him being a serial killer who tortured roommates up and down the East Coast. Furthermore, as previous victims understood, Bachman was not only an unscrupulous parasite but also a crook, using local laws to his advantage, stipulating that once a person has established residence (for example, by receiving mail at a location), they are legal tenants and therefore extremely difficult to evict.

As it relays Alex’s nightmare, Worst roommate ever also details the suffering suffered by two of Jamison’s former targets: ex-girlfriend Arleen and single professional Sonia, both of whom live in Queens, New York, and learn that Bachman is mostly cannot escape. What would force someone to behave in this crazy fashion? A childhood classmate named Bob tries to unravel Bachman’s teenage difficulties living with cruel and demanding relatives. In the end, however, it’s just a logical explanation, and ends Bachman’s story – in which he kills his brother Harry, who has just bailed him out of prison and appears to be the winner. The only family member who cares about him. – convinced that Bachman was a gangster killer from the start and was destined to kill people.

Using the same aesthetic for each of his five seasons, series director Domini Hofmann revisits Bachman’s insane behavior through interviews with victims and acquaintances, saved news broadcasts, and more. archives, family photos and movies, and animated re-enactments of first-person testimonials, the final part can sometimes prove a bit too caricature, but helps convey the sheer fun of the stories. this narrated tribulation. Worst roommate ever won’t win any style points, but Hofmann ensures — in any case — respect for the focus on survivors and their experiences. There is no glorification here, only anger and disgust for the perpetrators of these crimes, and deep sympathy for those who unwittingly suffer them.

“There is no glorification here, only anger and disgust for the perpetrators of these crimes, and deep sympathy for those who unwittingly suffer them.”

There are many casualties marked by Worst roommate ever: a group of elderly men and women are persuaded to live in the inn of their benevolent grandmother Dorothea Puente, only to get her drugs and kill them to steal their social security checks (turns out, Puente had a mile-long rap); Maribel Ramos, who was murdered by her haunting and volatile roommate KC Joy for not reciprocating his romantic advances; and Callie, who moved to Santiago, Chile, in 2011, rented a room in a house filled with cosmopolitan twenties, and eventually the goal of Youssef Khater, an extreme marathoner with a history of tricking benefactors out of their money (including Palestinian patrons into thinking he is their own; in fact, he is Lebanese). In the end, Callie was wounded in an abandoned building and left to die, wrapped in a tarp and buried under some dirt in a closet. Her survival is a miracle, though still not as shocking as Khater’s only 600 days in jail for attempted murder, and is now free.

Jamison Bachman animated in Netflix Worst roommate ever


Worst roommate ever clearly a cautionary tale about the need for extreme vigilance when sharing a room with strangers; if nothing else, viewers will realize a renewed appreciation for the need for thorough background checks on anyone who signs up to live in their home. Equally important, however, it’s another Netflix effort — on the platform of The Tinder Swindler and The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman—It is intended to actively weed out nefarious individuals whose primary goal in life is to deceive, exploit, and rob innocent people as a means of making money for their existence. In that respect, Worst roommate ever not merely a trove of material designed to shock and amaze with tales of sly modern demons; it is also an exhibition that provides a real public service.

https://www.thedailybeast.com/worst-roommate-ever-netflix-exposes-the-terrifying-roommates-from-hell-led-by-jamison-bachman?source=articles&via=rss ‘Worst Roommate Ever,’ Netflix Reveals Scary Roommates From Hell, Led by Jamison Bachman

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