Worst anime brothers ever

Making a sibling cry by telling him they’re orphans or making them think mustard is Cheez Whiz is usually the extent to which most people get hurt from their brothers. For some, that’s not even harm, but brotherhood. Probably. Probably. Some anime However, the brothers went too far and intentionally harmed their brothers and sisters.

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Some are simply deranged and don’t have any qualms about taking their own blood. They have their parents to blame for that, but one has to admit that these types of brothers definitely create some ferocity or intrigue. cartoon. As a result, the brother devil game is quite popular – even popular in many cartoon titles. These ten remarkable bad brothers are perfect examples.

ten Sesshomaru – InuYasha


Actually, Inuyasha is just a half-brother to Sesshomaru but the latter still makes his life a pain worth living. While Sesshomaru is a bloodied demon with their father’s “legitimate” wife, Inuyasha’s mother is a human adulterous partner, making their rivalry even more heated.

So Sesshomaru made it clear to his half-brother that he didn’t care much for him. Sesshomaru even prepare to kill both Inuyasha and his romantic partner, Kagome, both for a sword. Furthermore, Sesshomaru usually look down on Inuyasha because he’s a human.


9 Donquixote Doflamingo – One Piece

Doflamingo using the Bird Cage

Talking about brothers killing their own brothers, Doflamingo from One mouthful is part of the job. He serves as the main antagonist for one of the series’ arcs and he’s just as bad for the heroes as he is for his family. He not only killed his brother but also their father.

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Worse still, Doflamingo killed his father right in front of his brother, all because he lost some privileges. If that wasn’t enough, he later killed his own brother as if it were nothing to him. Truth be told, he doesn’t seem to care about anyone other than himself, making him detached from all living things.

8 Raditz – Dragon Balls

Raditz-and-goku-cluster cannon-special

Goku died many times in his own series but was lucky to return without much consequence. His first death was ironically that of his own brother, Raditz. He can be summed up as Goku with no morals or limitations on his powers.

Raditz, in true Saiyan tradition, wants Goku back within reach of his family. Of course, Goku didn’t want to go with his mean brother so Raditz’s first reaction was kidnap his own nephew and Goku’s son, Gohan, to blackmail Goku to come to him. Oh but that wasn’t enough for Raditz, he also wants Goku to kill some of the inhabitants of Earth above all agree to come if he wants to free Gohan.

7 Illumi Zoldyck – Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter - Phantom team member Illumi Zoldyck inserts his sinister Nen into the needles he uses

Illumi Zoldyck is a little different from the other villains on this list. He didn’t really intend to kill his brother, Killua. Instead, he was so much more concerned with protecting him that he even take control of Killua just to ensure his survival.

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He is also extremely toxic and always convinces Killua to become a villain because he believes that darkness is the only thing that sustains their family. Furthermore, Illumi is cold and only act primarily for one’s own self-interest. The worst part is that he even tried to turn Killua into him, even going as far as implanting a needle in his brother’s brain so that he would run away from wars he couldn’t win.

6 Schneizel el Britannia – Code Geass

schneizel from code geass

While on the topic of brothers acting in their own interest and willingly making puppets from their siblings, Schneizel from Code Geass is a blonde bad guy. During the war, he was willing to leave behind her blind and paralyzed half-sister, Nunnally just because it was such a pain to bring her along.

He doesn’t even have any other qualities other than his royal blood and his looks. Furthermore, Schneizel happy to shoot down his sister, Cornelia, and even allowing the death of millions in Tokyo. The fact that he shares the same intellectual level as Lelouch combined with his lack of empathy makes him even more despicable.

5 Byakuya Kukichi – Bleach

byakuya from bleach

First serious arc in Bleach was when Rukia was kidnapped by the Soul Society when she was executed. This leads Ichigo and his friends to plunge headfirst into the world of Shinigami to rescue Rukia. But it turns out that Rukia is not as helpless as she has her family there, namely her brother, Byakuya.

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It’s too bad that Rukia can’t depend on her brother to secure her or even protect her right to life. Heck, he even take Rukia to the place of execution. Because Byakuya, for some reason, is indifferent to everyone and completely inaction even when he feels conflicted. So he was willing to let her sister die. He later redeemed himself and gradually became more interested in her, but the damage was done.

4 Light Yagami – Death Note

Light Yagami in Death Note

In a more grounded and realistic contemporary context, a brother like Light Yagami is completely unworthy of any form of family. He is a certified psychopath and believes he is above everyone, especially when using the Death Note he finds. It’s true that he has the intelligence to back that up, but one has to remember he’s already outmatched a younger person, so he’s not all that great, to be honest.

Oh, and he too let his sister be kidnapped and his father are all harmed to gain a strategic advantage in a feud against L’s successors. Besides, there’s a brother decided to kill the social sluggards when he got bored with killing all the criminals. Not particularly liked.

3 Millions of knives – Trigun

knife vs vash in trigun

For a change, this is a brother who really cares about his younger sister. Magnetic knife Trigun not inherently evil but thanks to torture and experiments done with him and his brother, Vash, when they were children, he developed a disdain for others. So Knives is not kind to anyone, not even his allies.

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In fact, the only person he was kind to was Vash. How is that a bad thing? Because of him suffered genocide on the planet and wanted his recovering brother to join him. Simply put, Knives wants to wipe out all of humanity and wants Vash to pursue. He may not have intentionally harmed his brother, but he is one of the worst influences as far as anime brothers go.

2 Itachi Uchiha – Naruto

Itachi Beats Sasuke

Some see Itachi as a hero because of what he did for Konoha. He practically stopped the civil war and prevented Sasuke from dying by killing his family first (they would die anyway). However, the damage he did to Sasuke was a fate worse than death.

He pretty much ruined his brother by making him watch their parents die at his hands over and over again. Oh, he feels guilty for killing 98% of his clan, okay. He even wanted to die after that but he wanted Sasuke to do it because he didn’t want to kill himself. So he let his brother become a monster and lived as an orphan because that was the best way to deal with what he did, supposedly. Sure, he’s a hero – not the hero anyone would want to be a sibling to.

first Akio Ohtori – Revolutionary Girl Utena

akio ohtori from the womb of the revolutionary girl

Akio Ohtori is one of the richest people in Japan Revolutionary Girl Utena, One anime for teenagers where an academy holds some dark secrets. One of those secrets is Akio Ohtori and he’s the worst brother a sister could ask for. He has toxic and bad relationship with his sister and he pretty much treat her like a slave, often offering her as a duel bonus.

Oh but Akio’s abuse of women doesn’t end there. He has a lot of cheating partner and there’s even a secretly having an affair with his own mother-in-law. In addition, he also grooming his sister’s best friend and then trespassing on her just because he was jealous of her relationship with his sister. In short, he is the ideal subject of every Freudian scholar. Not exactly material-brothers.

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