World of Warcraft fans unhappy with Discover Azeroth: Kalimdor

World of Warcraft recently released Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor– The second book in Explore Azeroth series. However, as a fan of World of Warcraft Opening the book, instead of the fabled and playful details they found in its earlier part, they found tone-deaf and racist stereotypes.

NS Explore Azeroth books are encyclopedias meant to chronicles in the universe of different regions told from the point of view of beloved people World of Warcraft character. Explore Azeroth: Eastern Kingdoms, written by Christie Golden and released last October, from the point of view of union broadcaster Mathias Shaw and his partner, Flynn Fairwind, while Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor is an account provided by Horde representatives Rexxar and Zekhan, better known for OH community is “Zappy Boi”.


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Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor deals mainly with the Horde–Traditionally “monstrous” peoples who like them have been portrayed with racist prejudice in the past. Instead of using the book as an opportunity to correct this trend, Sean Copeland, World of Warcraft’s loremaster, has relied on these stereotypes in harmful ways.

Zekhan, a newly appointed ambassador and member of the Caribbean Troll Darkspear, is said to have somehow been unable to read, despite being raised in literate society of the Horde, and must be taught by the fair-skinned elven regent, Lor’themar Theron. Likewise, the goblins – an imaginary species steeped in antisemitism – also suffer, with Gazlowe, their just and generous leader, depicted as slave-drivers. greedy, cruel. Many of Kalimdor’s other people, like Tauren, the Native American codenamed Native American, and the Night Elves loyal to the Confederacy, are either omitted or undermined by many details in the book.

World of Warcraft almost 20 years old, and Warcraft franchise nearly 30. The lore of the original universe was created in another generation – a place where the perception of harmful stereotypes is not widespread. Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor maybe a chance to show off World of Warcraft learned from its mistakes and gradually remove these obsolete details.

The community is very angry about Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor. The book itself was delayed for several months, presumably to make changes due to allegations of sexual assault and discrimination against Blizzard This year. Most people would have expected the book to reflect this supposed shift by Blizzard towards inclusion, but instead their favorite cultures were mocked and belittled, and the personalities Their favorite objects are turned into racist caricatures of who they are supposed to be.

Blizzard will need to do some work to recover from this mistake. Copeland has shown he is not aware of the racist stereotypes that are ingrained in many of Azeroth’s cultures, and that giving him control over them will further harm. World of Warcraft if not fixed as promised. Although it is unlikely that Blizzard will publish Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor, it can be edited by a group of culturally sensitive experts and created a new, less malicious edition. Regardless of that, this is another big mistake for World of Warcraftand will continue to decline if far-reaching changes are not continued.

World of Warcraft Now available on PC. World of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor Available at select retailers.

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