World of Warcraft fans have correctly predicted two expansions in the past

In September 2017, a Chinese World of Warcraft player predicted Battle for Azeroth, Shadowlands, and potentially the two subsequent expansions.

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World of Warcraft development began in 1999, almost 23 years ago, and the foundation for its story was built in tandem with Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and its next expansion pack, Frozen Throne. The world of Azeroth needs to grow and the scope needs to expand to meet the needs of an MMO, however World of Warcraft has evolved beyond the strategy game roots of the franchise, it still builds on the foundations built in Warcraft 3 until today.


Sometimes, and perhaps especially so for a game with a story as old as World of Warcraft saga It’s not surprising to find narrative patterns in the game’s overall story – arcs and themes show up in an expansion, which are ultimately referenced and concluded in an expansion. is different. Perhaps the most obvious example is World of Warcraft: Legion finally ending the storyline of Sargeras and his demon generals introduced in Warcraft 3.

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ONE World of Warcraft A player named Solicct noticed this pattern in 2017 and extrapolated it to account for future expansions, and the results were surprisingly accurate. Players come up with the idea that Burning Crusade introduced two distinct themes in its overarching plot: the theme of Draenor and the theme of the Burning Legion. Lord of Draenor became the extension that ends a string, while Soldiers became an extension of the other conclusion.

By following this logic, Solicct declares that the next two expansions will follow the themes introduced in The Rage of the Lich King. Specifically, that one expansion will wrap up the Old Gods theme set in motion through Yogg-Saron and Ulduar, while the latter will focus on the Lich King and the realm of the Dead. Looking back, it’s clear that Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands is a perfect match, according to the criteria that the article gives.

This raises the question of what this means for future expansion that is yet to be heralded. In his original post, written a few months ago Battle of Azeroth was announcedSolict goes on to say that the following expansion Shadowlands there will be a Dragon theme, with that Cataclysm The plot involves two main arcs: that of the Dragons and that of the Elemental Lords. He confidently introduced the idea that the expansion would then deal with the Elemental Lords, and ended both of these storylines.

Given that the rumors are heading towards a Dragon Isles expansion for World of Warcraft, it seems that Solict’s prediction has been correct so far. If this pattern is to be believed, subsequent expansions will involve the Elemental Lords, the Horde, and the Alliance, before concluding with the Void Lords. Of course, that could very well be a happy coincidence – but until the expansion is officially announced, the accuracy of Solicct’s speculation will remain an object of intrigue.

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