World of Warcraft Dataminers Discover Jailer literally Gunning for Azeroth

World of Warcraft’s data checker finds tooltips and assets from the last encounter with Jailer indicating Azeroth’s direct involvement in the war.

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World of Warcraft recently announced Eternity’s End, the last chapter of Shadowlands saga. With data researchers hard at work trying to unlock the secrets of the upcoming trials, some details have been discovered that suggest Jailer may have been quite literal when he said “Death comes to the soul.” soul of your world!” at the top Shadowlands. Vandals and speculators for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to follow.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands‘ story will culminate in the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid. The raid itself will be divided into two parts; the first eight bosses, ending in a fight against the dominant Anduin Wrynn, and the final three, with Jailer being the final showdown.


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These leaks hint at elements present in final battle against Jailer in Eternity’s End. Two of Zovaal’s attacks, Desolation and Apocalypse Bolt, appear to damage Azeroth himself, suggesting that the world, or at least the Titan world spirit that resides within, will be directly involved in the fight. The names of the battle stages are also reminiscent of earlier elements of the game, such as the Interruption phase, the “Machine of Origin”, which sounds similar to other Titan-scale weapons that the player uses. have seen before. It seems Jailer agreed to this Machine and attempted to use it in the final stage, “The Unmaking”, to try to destroy Azeroth.

This is not the first hint of Azeroth’s deeper connection to his conclusion Shadowlands in Eternity’s End. In addition to Jailer’s words, Blizzard recently sent out an email suggesting that Azeroth’s soul is in direct danger. Likewise, the promotional art for Prisoners in the First Humans Graveyard features beams of light similar in color to Azerite – the very essence of Azeroth himself – and the data particle effects share this palette and have containing the word “Azerite” was discovered along with Azeroth’s own three-dimensional globe.

World of Warcraft the hounds have hit the council conspiring on what all of this means. While recent interviews with World of Warcraft developers have hinted that a return to Azeroth is imminent, most players assume this means Eternity’s End there won’t be any direct link to it. Consider work Warcraft Big complaint of the surrounding fan base Shadowlands its lack of relevance in relation to Azeroth and the conflicts makes Warcraft what it is, this direct connection could be just what the story needs to recover from the disillusioned people Shadowlands.

However, many people think that it is too late to save the story of Shadowlands. They believe that the story of the universe is too detached from what they know and love OHand The Jailer is a villain too bland to invest in. Players will have to see for themselves how the story plays out Eternity’s Endand make the final judgment on whether Blizzard succeeded in telling the epic ending it wanted to tell.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands available on PC. Eternity’s End currently under development.

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The source: Wowhead

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