Wonder Woman just resurrected the gods of the new world 52

Infinite Frontier merged DC’s disparate continuity, setting the stage for Wonder Woman to resurrect the New 52’s monstrous gods.

Warning: contains vandals for Wonder Woman #775!

In Wonder Woman # 775, Diana resurrects the Olympians, revealing that DC Limitless Borders the times are bringing the gods of New 52. In the past few issues, Wonder Woman has been on a mission to save her gods, and her recent victory in the Graveyard of the Gods has seen a mass resurgence of all but person.

The New 52 publishing initiative started in August 2011, with the conclusion Bright spot. The New 52 rebooted the DC Universe, with some characters being mostly untouched and others receiving major changes, Wonder Woman is in the second camp. Under the direction of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang, much of Wonder Woman’s plot has been remade: the Amazons are reimagined as brutal warriors, and the gods endow Wonder Woman with her powers. She is described as an alien and beyond human comprehension. Along with this new attitude, many gods have also been redesigned in terms of visuals, taking on peculiar shapes; for example, Hephaestus, god of blacksmithing, like a giant elf. But when New 52 the era is over and Regeneration To begin with, the Olympians were changed back to a more classical form. Now with Limitless Borders merge all the past continuous of DC, and many The classic heroes return, it looks like Olympus will see the return of some fan-favorite designs.

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In part 6 ‘Afterworlds Part 6’ of this issue, written by Michael W. Conrad and Becky Cloonan, with art by Andy MacDonald, colors by Nick Filardi and letters from Pat Brosseau, Wonder Woman has reached Graveyard of the Gods, determined to restore Olympus. She and Deadman encounter the Guardian of the Bases, and Wonder Woman challenges him to a battle of wits. The two exchanged puzzles, and in the end Wonder Woman defeated him. The Keeper allows the Olympians to return, but one must stay, and Wonder Woman chooses Chaos. The Keeper then restores the temple, and readers see a variety of gods including 52 new versions of Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Athena, and what appears to be Apollo and Hermes.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s New 52 The era stands out for its uniqueness, taking characters and myths. The Olympians of the New 52 are gods, and as such, beyond humanity. Their motives and appearances are strange, especially Hades. Limitless Borders merged many classic characters and concepts back into the DC Universe, and New 52 the gods seem to be next in line. With the cruelty in the universe and their dark deeds in Wonder Woman’s New 52 era, fans will be delighted to see them return, carrying Mount Olympus with each enemy and ally rather than a single race of bland gods with little interest in mortal planes.

Notably, several gods appeared in more traditional forms upon returning to Olympus, with a more humanoid Hermes helping Diana move on to the next stage in her adventure. The discussion around Janus implies that the Greek and Roman pantheon of DC merged, suggesting that New 52 the forms could be alternate versions of each future Greek deity. Resurrection of the Olympians is not the end of Wonder Woman‘s mission, but it helps establish a thrilling new status quo as old alliances and grudges are revived.

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