With the Christmas war going on for sure, the awakening crowds focus on thanksgiving

At a recent event a few days before Thanksgiving Day, I left by wishing the group “Happy Thanksgiving,” which one attendee quickly corrected by saying, “Yes, for those of you among you are celebrating, enjoy.”

Up until that point, my normally keen senses of wake-up intrusion had let their guard down on how, having vilified Christmas for years, the rest of the cancellation culture was now gone. become its sights Thanksgiving.

Many people are not even subtle about it. They will insist that Thanksgiving is nothing more than an affirmation of white supremacy, the submission of Native Americans (and you dare not call them “Indians” or will actually consider you a hater) and an arrogant contempt of those who do not believe in a higher power. (Thank God? It’s unscientific!)

However, others are much wiser and will not easily get their hands on it. Hence, the qualifiers are “for those who celebrate”. Like “Xmas” – which most people naively and sincerely use as an acronym for Christmas – has been used by some to remove the word “Christ”, the celebratory option now opens a Pandora’s box, creating limitless opportunities to destroy American tradition.

After all, Christmas and Thanksgiving, regardless of their religious affiliation, are American holidays that transcend faith. Offices are closed and children are out of school on those days, unlike countless other Christian holidays, such as Ash Wednesday, All Saints’ Day and Pentecost.


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In addition, two of America’s most famous holidays, Valentine’s Day (February 14) and Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17), have also transcended religion and become days of romance and celebration. Irish history and culture.

By bringing “for those who celebrate” into the conversation, cancel culture left is planting the seeds of doubt in the minds of people who – gasp – simply wish their fellow Americans well.

Born and raised in New York City and spent most of my time going to school, then practicing law and teaching at various colleges there, I was the “target” of many people expecting me to be.” Congratulations Kwanzaa.”

Mind you, I don’t celebrate Kwanzaa, but I’m familiar enough with it to know that it’s a holiday that originated in Africa and is celebrated by a significant number of African-Americans and it focuses on common benign things like love, peace. , family, harmony and community.

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So beautiful!

So when it comes to being the recipient of the “Congratulations Kwanzaa” greeting, I don’t insist that the wiser judge it by “if you’re celebrating”, nor do I spoil the moment by replying “I don’t celebrate Kwanzaa. ” Instead, I smiled and replied, “Thank you and Kwanzaa is happy for you!”

Likewise, those who oppose a “Happy Thanksgiving” act of kindness or feel compelled to ask the intentions of those who actually celebrate it are idiots trying to ruin the calendar. American history and culture.

Because Christmas itself is based on a particular religion, it is not unreasonable to prefix it with “for those who celebrate,” if one feels compelled to do so. Never mind that it’s a convenient confrontation, because, despite its Christian roots, Christmas – from carols to tree pruning to Rudolph and Frosty – gets in the hundreds of thousands, if not must be millions of organized, non-Christian Americans.

Definitely next on the cancelers’ hit list is Independence Day. It won’t be long until, “Happy Wednesday,” one is caught saying, “For those of you to celebrate,” retorts. In other words: “Some of us choose not to find joy in our nation’s founding anniversary.”


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For now, support for our troops – if not the leaders who pushed them into battle – remains reasonably strong, which is a good thing, considering our Vietnam warriors. We suffered from anti-war protesters. However, Veterans Day is also on the endangered species list that will be cancelled.

If any of these seem far-fetched to you, consider that the former President By George Washington birthdays and Columbus Day have been trashed by American chronicles.

It is important for Americans to remain vigilant and pay careful attention to words. Many media have turned message manipulation into an art form, carefully positioning specific words to shape the story, as if painstakingly designing an intricate mosaic, in which the end result can be alarmingly misleading.

Perhaps the next time someone is present you throw the “if you celebrate” qualifier, if they then greet you by wishing you “have a good day”, you can make them think again. their own nonsense by replying, “I don’t celebrate the good days.”

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