Will Smith Be Broken – or Shot His Soul?

Will Smith’s I always added. For 30 years, Hollywood resident Energizer Bunny has wowed viewers with a glittering career filled with summer traffic jams, sensational blockbusters, and colorful social media schemes. combines the self-help expertise and stunts on Travelocity, all done with a seemingly playful Will Smithian so enthusiastic that a smile can be seen from even the curvaceous face.

In the year 2021, Smith has entered a new era– which he calls his “50s” – stars in two new movies, including King Richard, the story of Venus and Serena Williams’ father just hit theaters and HBO Max, and a memoir titled Will detailing her upbringing, her journey to becoming a global superstar and, of course, her sexual orientation. In fact, we know so many, so much about the acumen of the 53-year-old man. From his erroneous desire to recruit a harem of more than twenty women to follow him around the world – a desire he learned, rather quickly, would be terrible if not more. to being expensive as hell – to adding color to the claims that he and his wife superstar Jada Pinkett Smith share love not monogamous and as we learned earlier this week on BuzzFeed Excerpts are from Will, his teenage years, where Smith couldn’t go bankrupt without raising.

It belongs to the… so many, so much. And a newfound openness — starting with his hugely impressive appearance on Pinkett’s Red silver table The Facebook Watch series of their pranks combined with Smith’s willingness to go there almost weekly — has left some feeling a bit oversaturated in his man’s juice. This, of course, coincides with the need to market his many recent efforts, along with books and movies, including a new series of original videos on YouTube, Will Smith: The best figure in my life, where he tries to lose a pound a week for 20 weeks, as well as the Disney+ nature series Welcome to Earth. Marketing her art in a social media world where sharing our insecurities, exaggerated or not, has evolved into a currency that means Will, whose personal life is The core is largely squeezed under the weight of the star, forced to finally let us join. But now that we’re here, it’s only fair to ask what the hell is going on with him and if his eagerness to share might cause him to lose the acclaim he seeks. seek or not. While this moment may represent his damn fifties, there’s still gold.

There was a period in which Smith seemed to be in no-man’s land regarding the scenarios he would accept. NS After EarthNS, seven poundses and The beauty of collateralThe world doesn’t give him any love in Beverly Hills and his movie Bright, seems to be as successful as Netflix claims, representing in the eyes of the most discerning viewers. During that time, Will has taken a different, more personal journey. He’s taken dozens of trips, sipped ayahuasca in Peru, consulted with sex therapists and relationship counselors, and sought the advice of other middle-aged superstars like Denzel. Washington and Dwayne Johnson. He must rely on his inner child – which one might imagine is an easier process for a man who has always felt like a big child – and unravel the relationship. his complicated and often abusive relationship with his father. And, of course, he says he has to account for his own egotistical nature, which is born out of an unbalanced, controlling, and unwieldy relationship with Jada. All of this was done privately in the 2010s, amid falling box office revenue and dwindling relevance. We’re just at a point where, after he’s done all this unpacking, he’s ready to speak for his growth.

So oversharing certainly makes sense. Many people have discovered that the other side of intense therapy can involve joyfully articulating all of its achievements, discoveries, and divine solutions. As a ’90s child star shot to global prominence, Smith was noticed at a time when the celebrity mystery was not only largely intact but also at the height of its power. The obscurity of fame and popularity is intrinsic to our consumption of these characters and their works. But when the distance between their public and private lives is shortened with the simple click of a button, Will’s world suddenly seems ancient. He mentioned, in interview with GQ Since earlier this year, friends like Johnson and Kevin Hart have paved the way for him to accept mentally that he will have to change things up to stay fit.

“But when the distance between their public and private lives is shortened with the simple click of a button, Will’s world suddenly seems ancient.”

“They did the unheard of, posting pictures from the set. You can’t post pictures from the setting a year before the movie came out—Oh, damn it, you can,” Smith recalls thinking. “I just see how they invite people into the process in a way that I don’t think you’re allowed to do.” The days of celebrity seduction through mystery are long gone – but live long with a sense of authenticity pre-packed in every moment.

But how much is too much? Fans of Smith’s early work in both the arts and celebrities — millennials who grew up on the Fresh Prince and channels like TNT are running Bad boy and Independence Day on a continuous loop — possibly slightly influenced by the current nature of Will’s private life. Every week, it seems, Jezebel’s Ashley Reese Written, a title that adds new wrinkles to the already layered mess of a marital drama between Will and Jada that makes it clear: “Though not quite comparable to the sentence ‘entanglement’ in 2020 — you know, when husband and wife meet at The Red Table to talk about their betrayal and dysfunction for all the world to see—This is slowly turning into another TMI overload. ”

The question of whether it’s too much – whether the shock of the film makes studying a memoir or a new film really worth it – feels a bit controversial at this point because The math is clear: Will understands that despite these unprecedented times we’re still obsessed with our fame. Even the claims of TMI are rational. Honestly, the stories about his psychological reactions to post-breakup sex are ridiculously entertaining, in part, because Smith is still a superb storyteller. “I was there,” he writes of the barfing incidents, “broken and miserable. And the eyes of the women made me even more miserable.” I apologize for the risk of sounding insensitive, but the howl that escaped my body when I read that truly terrible poeticism made me want to immediately deal with this retelling. It’s sad, yes, when a high school girlfriend cheats on him and his reactions are both emotional and visceral, but how we react barely matters — in fact. We are reacting to this money. Is there a risk in doing too much for the gram? Sure. In the long run does it really matter how successful he is? Sure is not.

It’s completely fair to question whether Will is in the right mental state right now. It’s clear that he’s been through a lot and brought his family through therefore many times he navigates his narcissism in his own way. There is a clear spot of that narcissism throughout the new age. But this is what fame creates, and more specifically, the stifled popularity that Smith’s personality has been forged within. That’s the strange irony of older fans wanting to know June Enough about this weird but talented kid who just happened to be one of the biggest movie stars in the world.

But what’s so fascinating about the New Will is that it’s not just one. The spread of his tassels on various social media platforms, in the media and on his wife’s ruby ​​table, helps him to magnify extra to an incomprehensible degree. If you don’t like Will the sex fiend, try Will the nutritionist. If movie star Will isn’t your bag, try Will with literary character or nature guide. Smith wants us to believe that we’re getting the essential Will Smith experience from each one — and the sense of joy he melts between them is felt immensely — these are just pieces of the puzzle between the worlds. and the person he is. If you don’t enter the new chapter of his life, he’s still betting we can’t close the book. And it might just be a gamble that he wins in the end.

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