Will Courteney Cox ever take down her ‘Scream 3’ roof?

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This week:

Courteney Cox’s Scream Bangs: A Reign of Terror

I don’t like gratuitous violence. Excessive gore creates a trauma that can haunt your every waking moment, a threatening shadow lurking, ready to arouse psycho-emotional pain at any time. That’s why I beg – I beg – you all stop giving advice Courteney Cox‘S Scream 3 bangs.

Cox and two of her originals Screaming costar David Arquette and Neve Campbell was promoted by the press this weekend of the fifth film in the franchise. It’s obviously great – lots of fun and pretty scary. Great news! The return of veterans of the series more than 20 years after they appeared in Scream 3 was given the opportunity to review the highs and lows of the first trilogy. That also means constantly talking about the aesthetic disgust that is Cox’s hair in the third movie. Absolutely disgusting! Make it stop!

The messy haircut, in which Cox sports with short, messy bangs, has been an internet fascination for years. Who did she offend in the hair and makeup trailer to deserve this recognition? Did she lose a bet? Did she blow the world’s largest bubblegum and it fell all over her hair and like so many preschoolers did, was there no choice but to cut her bangs out of embarrassment?

Arquette talked about it this week while watching Andy Cohen’s See what happens live, it’s almost impossible to get out of a coherent sentence while recounting the brutal act. He also chuckles above The Drew Barrymore Show as Cox gave a positive account of the messy cut, complete with mechanics about where in her crown the bangs should start and how it comes out. The quotes have been picked up by most entertainment news sites.

There’s a lot to celebrate about the return of Screaming and it’s really good. So for the love of Ghostface, can we stop talking about those bangs? We are living in dark, troubled times. The pain and horror of the world is inevitable. It was overwhelming. We don’t need constant visual attacks every time the hairs on the back of our necks rise. We cannot survive. We are too weak.

Cox deserves better. She is receiving much praise for her performance in the new movie. Last year, she finally became a long overdue Emmy Award nominee for executive producer position But you friend reunion. And interesting facts! She was shortlisted to be a 2022 Oscar nominee for short documentary producer best finalist Sophie & Baron. Don’t talk about bangs anymore!

As someone who spent many years of his youth playing mullet, I have been a staunch supporter of bad haircuts since more than 20 years ago. Unlike Cox, I was able to destroy all photographic evidence of this moment in my life. Like my Wordle score, the memories of that hairstyle are between me and God.

This means we’ve all had an embarrassing haircut. We moved on, leaving the mortification of the past, and only grew stronger and more beautiful after the carnage. Let us lend Courteney Cox the same dignity.

Comedy re-broadcast good! Look!

When it comes to TV comedies, critics and entertainment journalists love nothing more than playing God. But Mary M. Cosby, we don’t.

I can’t count how many times great claims have been made since I’ve been in this profession: TV comedy is dead!!! And then, maybe even a year or two later: The TV comedy comes back to life!

Yes, there have been years when it seems like no one has watched any of the “Big Four” comedy series—ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC—and every new season of the shows that come out is a slam dunk. . Years, if we’re honest.

Then there were years when Modern family happened. Or The Big Bang Theory succeeded in breaking through. Or Mommy start to win awards, black people doors open, people are talking about Fresh Off the Boat, everyone started to get drunk Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Carmichael program announced a new talent in Jerrod Carmichael, and The Goldbergs became a hit in the long run.

Recently, both The Big Bang Theory and Mommy, two of the last airing sitcoms to be a hit in terms of ratings, reviews, and awards, have ended their run. This is the last season of black. Apparently that left two side stories, Young Sheldon and The Conners, are the last two movies of their kind that everyone seems to see.

You can feel death-watchers starting to swarm around, especially as cable and streaming services ramp up their more “prestige” comedy outputs. Is this the end of the aired sitcom?

While, yes, we’re still in the infancy of the year, some of my absolute favorite new shows I’ve seen are freshman comedies that air on network television. . They are also one of the strongest new series to come from broadcast networks in a long time.

Abbott Elementary School (Tuesday, ABC) is a pleasure. Quinta Brunson created the show and plays a teacher at a struggling school in Philadelphia, exasperated by her students’ lack of resources. It was shot as a documentary, whose cast includes ICONS AND LEGENDS Sheryl Lee Ralph (yes, it’s all necessary) and Janelle James snoopy cameraman. It is sharp. It resonates. It has something to say about us as a society, but it’s also incredibly entertaining and easy to understand.


American cars (Tuesday, NBC) doesn’t reinvent the wheel. This is a classic office sitcom that relies on the quirks of the characters and their chemistry to make things happen. Led by Ana Gasteyer, who, to be honest, they never miss, they deliver real belly laughs at a time when the comedy genre is brimming with character study and introspection. more attentive than ever.

Pivoting (Thursday, Fox) Starring Charlie’s Angels on “Favorite Shows Kevin Ever Loved”: Eliza Coupe (Happy ending), Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) and Maggie Q (Designated Survivor, for most of the first season, was fun). The trio are forced to reevaluate their lives after the death of their best friend. As DiversityCaroline Framke put it, Pivoting is “could be a better version of anything” And just like that doing. ” As AJLTmost famous apologetic of…The series ‘Voldemort defies’– It hurts me to agree.

As a pro who covered the season before the Oscars, it was torture that the season defied the laws of space and time and somehow lasted 17-21 months each year. I know that doesn’t sound possible, but it’s the truth. It is indestructible.

As a sucker for all things crap, Lady Gaga spoke during this endless awards season in hopes of snagging her second Best Actress nomination while promote Gucci house, I want it to never end.


My colleague Jordan Julian wrote a piece Record every odd story in detail Gaga spoke about her methodical preparation to play Patrizia Reggiani, who is accused of ordering the execution of her husband, Maurizio Gucci, and the ways she believes Reggiani has haunted her all this time. But there is a late candidate for the wildest.

In one interview with W magazine premieres this week, Gaga announced that, after her last day of filming, she’s still playing Reggiani, dancing to “Mambo Italiano” on her hotel balcony, when a swarm of flies comes and started following her around. “I’m really starting to believe she sent them,” Gaga said of Reggiani. “I’m ready to let her go.”

Totally outrageous. May it last forever.

Now, the question remains: What the hell did Whoopi Goldberg do to anger Patrizia Reggiani this week?


“You know I’ll adore you,” Forever…”


Ronnie Spector, lead singer of iconic ’60s girl group The Ronettes, died this week At 78. Seeing the good and the ghost is such a precarious thing that there must be sad moments like this to celebrate such things, but this is an occasion to remind everyone that “Be my Baby“Possibly the only and undeniably perfect song.

Screaming: What if even a small fraction of the people who watched the new one Spiderman a movie dozens of times during a pandemic that gave Queen Sidney Prescott the same support? (Friday in theaters)

Someone somewhere: You’re about to be obsessed with Bridget Everett. (Sun on HBO)

People of Peace: A series of subtitles of Suicide Squad sounds like personal hell. But, apparently, it’s some critics’ paradise. (Now available on HBO Max)

How I met your father: Sure dizzy To hear this sucks. (Tuesday on Hulu)

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania: Just that title. I can not even. If you are a good parent, you will only book Encanto back instead. (Friday on Amazon)

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