Wild Rift leak reveals new heroes to be announced on January 7

League of Legends: Wild Rift (WR) is set to add five new champions – Ornn, Taliyah, Aatrox, Kindred and Yuumi to the game in upcoming patches, as per leaks have surfaced. Wild Rift is currently slated to launch in 2022 with a tentative January 7, 2022 where they will soon reveal new content that will soon become a mobile MOBA title. However, it seems that this time the leakers were one step ahead of them.

Since the new year has arrived, gamers are also excited as gamers and fans alike have noticed this case and have sought to find out the details for the upcoming update of the game. game. Leakers of Wild Rift went through the game files and discovered images and other details that suggest five new champions could be added to the game in the near future. Along with these speculated champions, there will also be an Infernal Dragon added to the game as indicated by an image of the dragon found in the game file. Dragons serve as one of the key objectives in the game for teams, as it has the effect of assisting and even changing terrain when killed at a specific point in the match.

Speculated Champions and the Dragon of the Underworld may come to the Wild Rift

Leakers for Wild Rift, and one of the more notable leakers found images of the new champions in the game file. They also found an image for the Infernal Dragon, suggesting that it could be added to the game in future updates.


Ornn is a champion that is often played in the top lane and plays as a tank in League of Legends PC (LoL PC). He can play in a similar style in WR and players can expect a new tank to play in top lane. According to legend, Ornn was the forged and ingenious spirit of the Freljord, and possessed some incredible fiery abilities and visuals. ThePotatoWard said an image of the champion was found in the game’s central files.


Taliyah is classified as a mage by PC League of Legends and is primarily played as a mid laner or jungler. Taliyah can add variety to WR players looking for versatility. As a mage, her skills focus on the use of rocks and terrain, including some crowd control along with champion movement. iTzSTU4RT saw a twitter post for Wild Rift UK showing Taliyah as its profile icon.


Aatrox is another champion that is played in the top lane and serves as a gladiator champion. If PC LoL is any indication, then Aatrox is a pretty formidable champion with a devastating kit.


Kindred on PC LoL is classified as a marksman champion specializing in the role of jungle. Players in WR can look forward to getting their hands on a great new jungler. The champion has unique skills that give it the feeling of one person playing two champions.


Yuumi is a great support champion, great for those new to the game. She has a relatively low skill limit to play with when teaming herself up with other champions and assisting them in the PC version of League of Legends. Yuumi is a magical cat in the lore of League of Legends and is extremely lovable in the game due to her extremely cute image and personality.

ExC mentions the appearance of these champions in WR in a twitter post.

The Infernal Dragon

Chowz retweeted the image for Infernal Dragon in the game’s files. Image discovered by BizarreYi. This dragon could be a new elemental dragon in the game. The dragon serves as an important in-game objective for teams. Slaying the dragon grants the killing party a useful add-on item that benefits the player in being able to end the match altogether. The dragon is an elemental dragon that can also change terrain if killed at a specific point in the game. This is a notable mechanic in LoL PC, and its addition to the mobile title, has certainly delighted WR players.

With five new variety champions, a hell dragon, and an event revealed along the way, it looks like Wild Rift players have a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks. But, as always, take these leaks lightly as they have yet to be officially announced by Riot Games.

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