Wild Red Dead Redemption Theory Suggests The Strange Man Is Cain

One Red Dead Redemption fan shares a wild theory that the Strange Man in the game is actually the Biblical Singer.

Red died to redeem the strange man

One of the greatest mysteries in The journey to atone for mistakes The franchise is the true identity and story behind Strange Man. There are strong hints in The journey to atone for mistakes game where Stranger Man is a supernatural being, but the game never says exactly who he is. While fans may never have a definite answer as to the true identity of Stranger Man, one fan has come up with a fascinating new theory as to which Strange Man is really. Who. Note that this post will have SPOILERS for The journey to atone for mistakes.

Some people have guessed Strange man from The journey to atone for mistakes is God or Satan, and while those theories could very well be true, a new theory from Reddit user Basketballjuice points to a completely different biblical figure. According to the theory of Basketballjuice, the Strange Man from The journey to atone for mistakes not God or Satan, but Cain. For those who may not be familiar with Cain’s story, he is known as the first murderer, having killed his brother Abel. As punishment, God cursed Cain to walk the Earth forever, bearing the mark “so that whoever finds him will not kill him.”


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According to the theory of Basketballjuice, this is why John Marston recognized the Strange Man despite having never met him before. It also explains supernatural happenings and provides more context for the moment John says, “Damn it!” and the Strange Man replied, “Yes, many people have.” Another proof provided by Basketballjuice is that John shot at Stranger Man three times the first time The journey to atone for mistakes game, and then John was shot about 21 times. This is a possible nod to the Bible, as God says, “Therefore whoever kills Cain will suffer sevenfold revenge. ”

The basketball game points to another potential clue that the Strange Man could be Cain, pointing to how Cain is referred to. Red Dead Redemption 2. In Red Dead Redemption 2, Jack Marston may receive a dog named Cain, who is named after the biblical character.

It’s certainly an interesting theory, though others still believe that the Strange Man is God, Satan, or even Death, as he seems to have foretold. John’s death in their meeting for the first time The journey to atone for mistakes game. Whatever the case may be, the appearance of the Stranger Man in Red Dead Redemption 2 only makes him more of a mystery, and it’s unlikely that Rockstar Games will provide fans with truly definitive answers about the character’s true identity or purpose.

The journey to atone for mistakes Now out for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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