Why would Yamato become a perfect Straw Hat Pirate

The world of One mouthful filled with some of the most incredible characters, and Oda’s ability to keep fans invested in these characters while making them relatable is part of the series’ appeal. With each passing arc, fans are introduced to a number of such characters, and with it the inevitable discussion about whether those characters can join the incredible crew. Luffy’s or not. Anyway, most of them are loved by fans and the entire Straw Hat crew.


With Wano Country arc and the arcs that form itIn particular, Oda did a great job in introducing characters who could potentially become new members of the crew. In Punk Hazard, an arc that lays the groundwork for Wano, Oda introduced Kin’emon while Dressrosa featured characters like the former Rebecca. Zou introduced fans to Carrot, who, at this point, almost resembles the Straw Hat as she’s been with the crew for about 5 years from the present time of the series. While all of these characters are incredible choices to be the next Straw Hats, none of them come close to being as good. One Piece’s current favorite character, son of Kaido, Yamato.

Yamato drinking with Ace

Right from the very beginning of Luffy’s journey, Oda has created certain characteristics in the characters that join his crew. The first person to join the crew, Roronoa Zoro, is someone who looks a lot like Luffy and he has huge ambitions. Like Luffy, Zoro has a promise to keep and he aims to become the greatest Swordsman in the world. Nami, who has been following Zoro, is very similar in this respect as her goal is to draw a map of the entire world. In other words, Nami also wants to go around the world and see everything there, which also fits Luffy’s dream. Usopp wants to become a brave warrior and develop his strength and determination as the journey continues, and Sanji wants to find All Blue, a place said to be as mystical as Laugh Tale.

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The East Green Year is the core of One mouthful story, that’s why the 100th chapter of One mouthful they announced their dream when they entered the Grand Line. All East Blue Five followers have their own dreams and ambitions and their goals almost always align with Luffy’s, no matter what. It is possible that Chopper’s goal is to become a doctor capable of curing all diseases, Robin’s goal is to find the Rio Poneglyph, Franky’s goal is to create a ship worthy of sailing on the seas of the whole world. world, Brook’s promise to reunite with Laboon, or Jinbe’s dreams and hopes for his people.

Enies Lobby One Piece

The question remains, where exactly does Yamato fit into all of this? After all, fans don’t know much about him, and he only appeared for about 50 chapters. In Yamato, Oda established the core of his character and it’s, again, something that resonates in Luffy. Yamato yearns for an adventure. When he was very young, Yamato witnessed the death of the legendary Kozuki Oden and ever since that day, he wanted to become Oden. Yamato was quickly captured by Kaido and trapped for 20 years until Luffy finally freed him. In doing so, Luffy has become Yamato’s savior, as he has saved characters like Nami, Robin, and most recently Sanji from Whole Cake Island.

If there’s anything Luffy stands for, it’s freedom. For him, the freest person on the sea was the man who could be called the Pirate King. Yamato was someone who actively sought freedom. It’s pretty easy to see that Luffy and Yamato get along quite well and Luffy trusting him right after meeting him is testament to that.

Son of Yamato Kaido

Yamato has always dreamed of leaving his cage and exploring the world, just like Oden did with Whitebeard. For Yamato, Luffy can play a very similar role and help him follow his dreams when the Wano arc ends. Of course, if Yamato leaves Wano and set sail with the crew, the question of his “role” in the crew might be on the minds of fans. After all, every member of the crew has a role to play. However, if one can draw parallels with Oden’s journey with Whitebeard, then specifically he has no major role in the crew other than accompanying them on their adventure. Oden certainly helped Roger get to the Jokes but his four years with Whitebeard have passed without him having a real role.

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That doesn’t mean Yamato won’t have a role in the cast. More likely than not, Yamato will be given a role for him. The most recent addition to the crew, Jinbe, became Helmsman. However, if one thinks about it, a Helmsman is not really needed in the crew. Up until Whole Cake Island, the Straw Hat Pirates hadn’t even thought of inviting a Helmsman to join them. Even people like Roger had a time when Gaban, Rayleigh, and even Oden took the helm. The only reason why Oda focused on Jinbe as a Helmsman was because he played the role so well and he needed a role in the cast.

Similarly, if Yamato really joined the crew after Wano, fans need not worry about what role he has there. The story has progressed to a point where anyone joining doesn’t really need to have any of the skill sets that the crew so desperately lacks. Oda is sure to create a role in place and give it importance to make Yamato feel more part of the family as he joins Luffy and begins his big adventure.

Yamato’s dream of becoming truly free, along with wanting to discover what the world looked like was certainly more than enough to make him join the ice. But if fans need more reasons, Yamato also has a deep connection with Portgas D. AceLuffy’s brother. Initially, he wanted to start an adventure with Ace but sadly was unable to do so at the time. Although Yamato’s plan to leave the country failed, Ace laid the groundwork by telling Yamato everything about the man who would later come to his rescue, Luffy. Even though Ace is dead, his will still burns within Yamato. Instead, Yamato definitely wants to keep an eye on Luffy and make sure he accomplishes his goals, which gives him another reason to be a member of the incredible family that is the Marines. Straw Hat Thieves.

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