Why were new world players robbed by their own guilds

Published by Amazon Games, New world is an MMO game that takes players to new lands to colonize and conquer. The game takes place on Aeternum Island, a place where the player can either find their wealth or their doom. Although the game was loved within the first few weeks of its release, the numerous bugs and glitches that occurred with the game caused the number of active players to drop dramatically in just a few months. Although Amazon Games has released patches to fix the most common issues, there are still enough issues to keep some players from coming back.


Are from New worldof the release, numerous players fought enemies and built Companies, which were groups of up to hundreds of players that could control territory. However, not all players participated in good faith, which resulted in some Company members being robbed.

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What are New World Companies?

Three New World players stand on a rampart and aim archery and spear

Companies that allow groups of players to claim ownership and control of territory. Each company is associated with a different group, and players cannot join an organization not affiliated with their faction. Being part of a company has many benefits, including the ability to set taxes. Players must ensure that their company is prepared for war, as there will be other players around looking to gain control of territories.

In companies, there are different ranks. The highest rank is Administrator, and it is given to the player who founded the company. The consuls act as second-in-command to the governor. They have most of the powers that governors have, however unlike governors, consuls cannot withdraw money from the treasury and they cannot change the daily withdrawal limit of the treasury. The treasury holds all the funds earned by a company. Below the officials have the power to remove members of the company and invite new players to join the company. Finally, there are settlers who do not have many rights, although they can deposit money in the treasury.

In the new world, leaders can become swindlers

new world

Wily’s Managers abused their power to take everything in the coffers before taking off. The more nefarious administrators will team up with the consuls in an elaborate conspiracy. The manager will form a new company and declare war on his previous company. The consuls who work with the governor will send the weakest players into battle, making it easy for the governor to win. In addition, managers can launch members from their own company before starting a new company and conquering their old company.

While it’s a brazen act of betrayal, it’s not hard to see why a player might want to rob the company. The economy of New world there is a problem with deflation because the game does not provide enough opportunities to accumulate wealth. This makes it difficult to grind gold, which is why the coffers of looting companies are attractive to players looking to get rich.

Amazon Games already knows of the problem, but it doesn’t seem to expect a fix. According to creative director David Verfaillie, trespassing is “a social risk built into the game.” He claimed that in ideal situations, people would be trustworthy and would not exploit their co-workers. However, the player also has the option of using mischievous methods to obtain wealth. As Verfaillie explains, “the aim is to create a world where players can have an impact and give them the tools to make their own decisions.”

Although Amazon Games does not seems desirable to change the system, there are a number of improvements that could be made to make embezzlement a little less easy. For example, companies can prevent operators from withdrawing large amounts of money from the treasury until the withdrawal is approved by senior members of the company. Companies may also allow company members to veto a manager’s attempt to attract players from the company. Finally, if an executive proves to be untrustworthy, company members should be able to vote no confidence.

even though New world is a nice game filled with lush landscapes and pockets of pristine nature, several issues need to be overcome before the game can reach its full potential. Revising company rules would be a step in the right direction.

New world Now available on PC.

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