Why Wasn’t Mount Doom Guarded?

Frodo Baggins’ (and Samwise Gamgee‘s) quest to destroy the Ring is the guts of The Lord of the Rings story. In an infinite world filled with creatures and characters, these two, small Hobbits should journey a protracted and harmful highway to destroy the One Ring amidst the battle between good and evil.

Mount Doom—additionally known as Orodruin or Amon Amarth—was the place the second Dark Lord, Sauron, secretly solid an ideal Ring able to storing his finite energy so he may grow to be infinitely highly effective. This Ring was made within the fires of Mount Doom after Sauron the manipulator tricked the Elves into making lesser Rings of Energy which he would later use to manage the totally different races of Center Earth.

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9 of those rings went to the race of Males, whose lives had been prolonged thus far past regular human years that they turned stretched and thinned into ghostly kings of Males referred to as the Ringwraiths. Seven of the rings went to the Dwarf lords who turned grasping and dug of their mines too deep, attracting dragons. And individually from this, however with the identical darkish magic, three rings had been made and given to the Elves, which after carrying made them instantly conscious of Sauron’s true intentions. The Rings of Energy were linked to the One Ring, so when it was destroyed, they too had been destroyed.

Sauron and the One Ring from Lord of the Rings

Mount Doom was a volcano positioned deep inside Mordor, behind the Black Gates and beneath the surveillance of the Eye of Sauron. Sauron’s servants lived inside Mordor, working and constructing their military whereas Sauron regained power. This place—Mount Doom—was the one place the Ring could possibly be destroyed. Sauron knew if the Ring was destroyed, he would ceaselessly be “a mere spirit of malice that gnaws itself within the shadows,” however would by no means be capable of develop or take form once more.

But, it doesn’t appear to be the doorway of Mount Doom is ever guarded, or on the very least, it wasn’t guarded when it wanted to be most. Maybe this was just Sauron being arrogant, believing nobody would be capable of slip previous the gates, undergo his military, and go unnoticed by his watchtower. However is there another excuse why the doorway was not beneath twenty-four hour safety or was it not guarded as a result of it merely would have been a greater story to have the characters succeed moderately than be stopped and captured on the gates?

One of many many morals of the story of The Lord of the Rings is that regardless of how small or outwardly “weak” one is perhaps, if they’ve the guts and braveness, they will change the destiny of the entire world for the higher. A creature as small as a Hobbit, who cared for nothing greater than the easy issues in life like peace and quiet, was sufficiently small to go unnoticed, but robust sufficient to beat the temptation of energy and riches the Ring supplied. As a result of the Hobbits cared nothing for energy, Sauron was not capable of detect them. He additionally let his guard down since he didn’t view the race as a menace.


When the Ring was destroyed, Sauron was banished to The Void, and the Tower of Barad-dûr shook the Earth when it collapsed. Had there been guards on the entrance of Mount Doom, Frodo and Sam wouldn’t have been capable of get in—at the least not very simply, particularly with Gollum attacking them. The Cracks of Doom weren’t guarded, as a result of why guard a volcano when Mordor itself is already the right fortress with 1000’s of enemies? Sauron by no means foresaw anybody with the ability to get into Mordor with out being noticed. However because Gollum’s life was spared, he was capable of present Frodo and Sam one other entrance into the darkish land the place they may go unnoticed.

There are a number of methods to get into Mordor. The primary entrance is thru the Black Gate (or Morannon), and this entrance just isn’t solely probably the most direct, however it’s also probably the most fortified and closely guarded. The gates even require big Trolls to function as a result of the doorways are so heavy and tall. Cirith Ungol was the doorway Frodo and Sam ended up going through, however this space was additionally very harmful and guarded by the enormous spider, Shelob. Shelob was not a servant of Sauron, however Sauron did permit her to reside there as she was the right guard. This entrance was additionally guarded by the Tower of Cirith Ungol (close to Minas Morgul the place The 9 dwelt), and previous that, the doorway was guarded by the Two Watchers. The Two Watchers had been virtually sentient, three-headed statues that offered an invisible barrier by their sheer will.

There was additionally a 3rd entrance. The air in Mordor was so thick and full of black smog that solely the Nazgûl would have been capable of warn Sauron of the Hobbits, however they had been distant on one other errand. Geographically talking, Mordor additionally guarded itself since the air was a poisonous fume from the volcanic ash, there was nothing to eat or drink, and the rocky panorama (with brambles, weeds with thorns, and collapsing cliffs) was harmful itself. Mount Doom in The Lord of the Rings was in a roundabout way guarded as a result of Mordor was, however maybe there ought to have been a guard on the Cracks of Doom.

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