Why The Raid Shouldn’t Be Remade

Remaking a classic is always difficult; no matter how hard the ads work, the weight of the glory achieved can ruin an otherwise good project. The cross-cultural remakes are even more intense, adding new layers of context and tons of new ways to ruin something that was probably a bad idea to begin with.

Any new information emerges about the remake that still seems to be coming out of 2011 The raid acquisition There are fans in a new outrage. The original director won’t be returning, the film will now be set in a low-income Philadelphia neighborhood, and while the film’s director originally has producer credit, the name remains. back in that role is The infamous Michael Bay.


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The raid acquisition It’s a very simple movie. Iko Uwais as Rama, a newcomer to the special paramilitary force unit in Jakarta, Indonesia. Rama is part of a team of armed law enforcement officers tasked with surrounding a decaying high-rise building to arrest a powerful criminal. The premise is like a classic video game story, Rama and his teammates must go up from floor to floor and defeat countless enemies trying to stop them. The violence is overwhelming, sometimes truly gruesome, but almost ceaselessly moving.

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Despite being a rookie to the team, Rama stood out and survived by his mastery of Pencak Silat, a traditional Indonesian martial art. The action sequences are absolutely amazing, the movie is authentically and universally defined John WickFast-paced battle scenes from three years before Baba Yaga premiered. Everything that makes the movie special is the lightning in a bottle, it came out of nowhere, made legend from its director and star, and cannot be reclaimed, not even by a sequel. its pretty good but its poor. Unfortunately, Hollywood has been trying to recreate the film since its release, and the latest footage has been called rather raw.

Less than a month after release The raid acquisition, American studios began threatening to take on their own films. Hollywood is famously eager to remake movies in English, only to save American audiences from tripping over Bong Joon-ho’s “one inch high barrier”. Sony’s Screen Gems subsidiary was initially set up for production, reportedly with support from original production company XYZ Films. During that period, both Chris and Liam Hemsworth were considered stars. Final, Boss level star Frank Grillo was announced as the man in the shoes of Iko Uwais.

A year later, Taylor Kitsch replaced him, and the film was repainted to resemble the original. By 2015, both the star and the production company had abandoned the project, leaving XYZ to continue with director/producer Joe Carnahan. Smokin ‘Aces reputation. That was in 2017, then 5 years passed without a word. Original movie screenwriter/director Gareth Evans is not considered to be the director of the remake but has been listed as a producer on every remake. On January 10, 2022, Patrick Hughes was announced as director, although leaving that position seven years earlier, Evans continues to serve as executive producer, XYZ retains control and Michael Bay participated as a producer.

Criticize Michael Bay’s output is, at this point, the document is overdue. His many offenses as a director are fully enumerated, but he serves as a producer much more often and delivers relatively dire results. Not everything he touches is trash, but he has an incredible track record with remakes. Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Chainsaw Massacre in Texas, Amityville HorrorThe Hitcher, and many other classic movies ruined with Bay in the producer chair. He’s a celebrity among many fans, but his movies make money, so he’ll always be around. He doesn’t direct, but he’s also someone who doesn’t give rise to hope.

Hughes is best known for The Hitman’s Bodyguard and its sequel, Bodyguard of the killer’s wife. The first film, a poorly received action comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L.Jackson, raked in massive box office returns on a relatively small budget. Though its sequel was much less successful, that hit catapulted Hughes into the in-demand action director. In 2014, when XYZ announced his director credit of Raidhe is best known for command Mercenary Squad 3.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion of Hughes’ output, it’s almost entirely opposed Raid. Hughes almost exclusively creates inexpensive action blockbusters, driven by movie stars. Hughes could stretch himself to something that more closely resembles the aesthetic and tone of the original, but it’s unlikely they’ll hire him unless their desire is something similar to his output. . Hughes is a bad choice to shoot anything similar to the original, he described his photo with references to Zero Dark Thirty or Black Hawk. War movies from a very specific American perspective, get to the heart of the matter.

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The central issue with an American Raid not one with the cast and crew, no idea that the previous one would have been better, there is no good way to remake this movie in the US. RaidIts story, setting, and even action is entirely built around the country it was created in. desire to express this world of martial arts. Iko Uwais wasn’t an actor at the start of production, he was a delivery man who spent his life practicing Silat. All the action in this action movie is based on an indigenous martial art originating from the homeland of the film. The transfer of this film to the United States, which robs it of all its cultural importance, completely kills its purpose. Those issues should stop the film before it begins, and that is before addressing the challenging cultural implications of police involvement in violent drug raids in America.

Raid cannot be remade in the US in any meaningful way. If this project succeeds, instead of falling apart like the pair’s previous efforts, whatever they end up with will be a faded spoof that steals the name of a better movie. Hopefully the audience has a good sense to get over the inch-high barrier and get in contact with one of the best martial arts movies all time in the way it is expected to be seen.

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