Why Skypiea is the most important part of the story so far

By Eiichiro Oda One mouthful Filled with incredible stories as Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates have embarked on an epic adventure since they first set sail in search of the treasure of the same name. The fan’s journey with Luffy started off amazingly with the East Blue Saga and only got better with arcs like Alabasta, eventually reaching a whole new level in Enies Lobby and Marineford.

Although it is undeniable that they are two of the most powerful signs in One mouthful, the place that shows Oda’s story the most is none other than Skypiea. It was clear from the beginning of the story that Oda wanted One mouthful being an adventure like no other and it wouldn’t be too difficult to say that world building and adventure are two of the most important aspects of the story. When One mouthful have features Incredible arcs that everyone loves, none of which arcs come from as far away or even close to Skypiea when it comes to giving fans an idea of ​​what the story is about. With incredible storytelling, gripping lore, and what appears to be a preview of what’s to come One Piece’s endgame, Skypiea could very well be the most important part of the story so far.


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St. Briss One Piece

Oda begins the section with a quote from Willy Karen, a physicist, who says, “Anything man can imagine is a possibility in reality,” and with that, Oda plants the seed for not only Skypiea Saga, but the rest of One mouthful.

Though brief, Jaya establishes the importance of dreams in the world of pirates. When Luffy didn’t fight Bellamy in Mock Town, it was made clear that a pirate without dreams is not worth fighting because those who stay true to reality will never reach their peak. someone with high aspirations like Luffy, Gol D. Roger, and even Blackbeard. Finding One Piece was also a mystery to the people of the Grand Line as well as proving the existence of the Sky Islands, and Oda specifically drew a comparison between the two in Mock Town, when Luffy met him. Bellamy.

One Piece Luffy VS Bellamy

Bellamy, a pirate with a real base, laughs at the idea of ​​One Piece and more specifically the existence of the Sky Islands but Luffy embraces them instead. Even when Luffy is ridiculed for believing in dreams, he realizes that Bellamy is someone not worth fighting for because he knows he’s right, and fighting a man without dreams would be complete. no effect.

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Sky Island exists and so does One Piece, but for those who haven’t seen it, it’s hard to accept. At the same time, unless people are willing to dream big and take their chances, they will never truly experience this romantic ideal and this is simply what One Piece is about, as is evident from the first part titled, Romantic Dawn. Oda shows that Skypiea is really a microcosm of the whole thing One mouthful in more ways than one in an arc.

one - Luffy and Enel

Skypiea builds on the very ideas that Oda built all of One mouthful and that is the concept of Inherited Will. From the first moment fans met Montblanc Cricket, the idea that he had a deep connection to Montblanc Noland was clear. Noland was executed for lying about the existence of the Golden City 400 years ago, and now, his descendants risk their lives to find the city by placing their body in the grave. harm from time to time. In a way, Cricket is like Luffy and believes in the romance of adventure while making a much bigger promise.

Gol D.Roger, Pirate King, I myself was a person who was trying to fulfill the will of a man named Joy Boy and in the end failed to do so. Follow in the footsteps of Luffy who will carry out the will of Roger and Joy Boy who came before him. Basic, One mouthful really focuses on this huge promise and surprisingly, Noland’s friendship with Kalgara is a metaphor for it in the Skypiea installment.

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Oda shakes the reader’s heart when Noland and Kalgara are separated. It was the same Knock-Up stream that the Straw Hat Pirates traveled to Skypiea that lifted half of Jaya into the sky. The promise of Noland to visit Jaya again and Kalgara to ring the Big Bell has yet to be fulfilled. Shandora was taken over by the “Gods” of Skypiea, and the Shandians waited for the final promise to be fulfilled. It is not difficult to see that it is very similar to the true story of One mouthful is all about. Joy Boy’s promise was unfulfilled and ended up being passed down through the generations until Luffy was finally able to fulfill it. In the same way as Shandia, the Ancient Kingdom fell after the Void Century to The “Gods” of the One Piece world, the Celestial Dragons.

Saint Charles One Piece

In the Skypiea arc, Skypiea is ruled by Enel, a man who believes himself to be a God. The fact that the real villains of One mouthful are the Celestial Dragons who share the same beliefs it’s not surprising. Oda specifically chose Luffy, a D-man and descendant of Joy Boy to defeat Enel, a god, and labeled him “the enemy of the gods.” Looking back, this was simply Oda’s way of telling fans what to expect in the final game of the series. One mouthful.

In the Wano Country arc, Oda introduced fans to the Sun Goddess Nika through Who’s Who. According to him, the slaves of the distant past believed that eventually the Sun God would come and bring freedom, bringing smiles to their faces. Surprisingly, Oda repeatedly mentioned the concept of the Sun God in Skypiea. Lord of the island, Enel, cast eternal darkness on the island with Raigou And everyone had no choice but to pray to God, Luffy stepped up and through the dark sky, let the sun shine on everyone and bring smiles.


To take it a step further, Skypiea may have hinted at what the final One mouthful how it will be, adds to its importance. The conflict in Skypiea ended with the God of the country falling and peace being made between the Shandians and the Skypieans, thanks to Luffy. The final Vearth belongs to no one because it exists for all to enjoy.

In the same way, after Luffy takes down the Celestial Dragons, it’s more likely that the sea will belong to everyone, not just him. No wonder Luffy loves parties as much as he does. After all, he likes to connect with different people. It is entirely possible that when the Celestial Dragons fall, fans will be treated to the greatest feast that signifies the fulfillment of a centuries-old promise and the dawn of a New World.

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