Why Should Your Meeting Room Booking Software Integrate With Other Apps?

Most managers and employees will agree upon one thing- they are spending way too many office hours in meetings. One of the prime culprits for this? An outdated meeting room booking system. That’s right. Many offices still use a sheet-based booking system that is tricky to manage and difficult to update and maintain. This is why some offices have shifted to meeting room booking software recently.

If you have software installed or you have done your research, you know meeting room booking software helps in the following ways-

  • By centralizing the room booking process and making it simpler
  • By making updating and notifying employees easier
  • By making analysis simpler
  • By showing room occupancy in real-time, to name a few.

And the best part? Most meeting room booking software perform all these functions pretty well. But do they integrate well with other systems? Well, that is a different question altogether.

Now, if you’re wondering why your meeting room solution needs to integrate with other apps at this point, buckle up. Here, we tell you all about it.

Four Reasons Why Your Meeting Room Booking Software Should Support Integrations

  1. Integrated Meeting Room Booking Software Centralizes Room Bookings

If you don’t have a meeting room booking system set up yet, you’re probably manually booking meeting rooms on a first-come-first-serve basis, notifying the employees later. But what happens when two employees are trying to book the same room at the same time using different apps? You guessed it- conflict. Thankfully, a meeting room booking software integrated with other employee-facing apps can help you avoid it. Here’s how.

An integrated meeting room booking software centralizes the booking process by allowing employees to book rooms seamlessly through any app. So, if the meeting room booking software receives two requests for booking the same room at the same time, the room booking takes place automatically on a priority basis. Additionally, the other employee gets notified that the room is unavailable instantly. This reduces the instances of conflict, minimizes the time taken to book a room and makes room bookings a breeze.  

  1. Integrated Meeting Room Booking Software Helps Coordinate Services

In the hybrid work setup, one needs more than just a physical meeting space to conduct a successful meeting. One also needs an audio-visual setup, control over lighting, a stable internet connection, storage and backup services, web-cam facilities and recording services, cleaning services, hospitality, etc. And typically, the burden of making all these services available on D-day falls on facilities management. 

With integrated meeting room booking software, one can auto-book all the necessary services while booking a meeting room. Wondering how? Well, the meeting room booking software coordinates with the facilities management software to allow booking services in one go. What’s more, once the services get booked, the staff is notified immediately.

  1. Integrated Meeting Room Booking Software Makes Office Space Management Easier

Making the most of the available office space has always been important. After all, it reduces the money spent on paying for rent and utilities, which typically amounts to a large sum of funds. But here’s the thing. Offices have sitting areas and meeting rooms, and both use different software to manage bookings. And this makes tracking total space utilization harder.

An integrated meeting room booking software solves this issue by merging with a desk booking software to provide an overall idea about office space usage. And if that wasn’t enough, such software makes it easier to analyze booking trends and space occupation trends by week, month, and times of the day. Such granular data allows facility managers to understand space requirements and redesign office spaces accordingly.

  1. Integrated Meeting Room Booking Software Facilitates Contact Tracing

With the vaccination programs in full swing, the threat of the virus may have reduced, but it isn’t over yet. Sure, your office may have physical distancing protocols in place in addition to masking and regular sanitization, but it needs to be prepared for an imminent outbreak too.

If you didn’t know, the easiest way to stop the virus spread in case of an outbreak is to ensure quick and accurate contact tracing measures are in place. And an integrated meeting room booking software helps you do just that.

Like desk booking systems, modern meeting room booking software allow managers to access employee seating data. When combined with data from desk booking software, it helps managers get all the employee movement data needed for contact tracing. The best part? When meeting room booking software is integrated with a desk booking solution, managers can get real-time updates. This means they can act quickly in the case of an outbreak, thus prioritizing employee health and security.

Summing Up

It is clear from the above that whether you have a meeting room booking solution installed or you are looking to buy one, you need to upgrade to a meeting room booking software that integrates well with your office apps. So ask these questions to get your money’s worth while buying the software.

  • Does the meeting room booking software have an API?
  • Does the software have an efficient developer community?
  • Does the software have good reviews?
  • Does the software company offer good customer service?

This helps ensure you choose the software that integrates well with your system and is easy to upgrade, easy to use, and reliable.

Now that you know why you need an integrated meeting room booking solution and how to choose one, it is time to choose the right software for your office needs. With WorkInSync, tend to all your workplace meeting room management needs. Get your demo today.

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