Why should players consider marrying Sam

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone’s Stardew Valley widely included, allowing players to match their farmer to any of the 12 Pelican Town marriage candidates regardless of gender. There are even contingencies for players try to attract all bachelors and bachelors – although this often ends badly as it leaves everyone at the same time shunned. Most people will want to stick with one relationship at a time, and Sam is a more interesting single to dive into.

Several romantic options in Stardew Valley darker, such as Shane deals with alcoholism and depression; while others have more fun, such as Maru working on a sentient robot. Sam’s path suits both sides, as he’s mostly focused on his life ambitions while tackling some family drama on the side. For any player who doesn’t just want to marry someone who will be sitting around the farm all day, Sam’s story also has a great conclusion to work towards.


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Sam is a Skater Bro With More Under the Hood

Meet a blond male villager.

When the player meets Sam for the first time in Stardew Valley, they can be overwhelmed by his carefree personality. He lives with his mother Joni and younger brother Vincent, and seems to spend most of his time practicing guitar, skateboarding, and playing video games. Joni said that neither brother had to do housework growing up, which suggests that Sam can be a private and irresponsible person.

However, the reality is not so. He works part-time at JojaMart if the player hasn’t closed the store, and his more outgoing personality led him to form a band with Abigail and Sebastian. By passing events to his heart, the player can help Sam hone his skills, leading him to a career in music. It’s also clear that he’s not completely carefree when chatting about his father, Kent, who spent the entire first year of the game fighting a silly war.

Sam’s Likes and Dislikes are simpler than Most

player talks to sam 1.

Sam’s outwardly simple personality is also reflected in gifts that the player can use to win his heart. In addition to the “Common Lovers and Likes” items that every character in the game will happily receive, Sam has only five gifts that work particularly well: cactus fruit, maple donuts, pizza , tiger’s eye mineral and Joja Cola – which he certainly drank a lot while working at JojaMart. He’s also a fan of eggs (except mysterious empty egg), but dislikes most forage goods, mined goods, as well as mayonnaise and pickles.

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The character’s love for pizza turns Stardew Valley‘s cinema, where a personalized pizza is one of his favorite franchises along with the sorbet stardrop. Most of his movies are fine, although Sam loves “Wumbus” in particular and isn’t a fan of “The Miracle of Coldstar Ranch” or “Zuzu City Express.”

Sam’s Heart Event

Sam's face, Sam's band, and the player marries Sam.

The closer a player gets to any relationship candidate in Stardew Valley, they unlock more and more heart events. The events in Sam’s heart are divided into two parts, one focusing on his musical career and the other on family relationships. The latter is shorter, with players meeting him and Vincent at the beach after reaching three hearts (in year 1) and learning that Sam was nervous about promising Vincent. their father Kent will return home after hearing of military casualties. At four stars, players will have to cover for Sam after he accidentally damaged an egg by dropping an egg in his home’s kitchen.

As far as the music is concerned, this starts with two hearts as the player helps Sam and Sebastian decide what kind of music they should focus on playing. The player then learns Abigail joined their band, and after getting him out of trouble for skateboarding in six hearts, they are invited to one of Sam’s shows at eight hearts. This takes place in the city, with many residents of Pelican Town in attendance, and the playing will reflect previous choices. Sam will then confess his love in 10 hearts, although the player will have to hide when Joni almost catches them in Sam’s room after dark.

After the player marries Sam, he builds half pipe at the back of the farm but will express displeasure sitting around the house. He went out to find some work and got a writing job for a children’s TV show, an achievement he shares with both the player and his family at home. Vincent and his friend Jas love the song, validating Sam’s ambitions and hoping to make the player proud of their man.

Stardew Valley Now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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