Why should players consider marrying Maru

Many indie games offer players a wide range of character and relationship creation options, as these have traditionally been absent from large-scale AAA productions. A game that is said to be setting the standard in this respect is Stardew Valley, released in 2016 with six bachelors and six bachelors to endorse no matter how players design their farmers.

Some of the residents of this Pelican Town have deeper, darker stories to learn, such as Shane deals with alcoholism and depression or Penny dealing with poverty and her mother’s drinking. The others have simpler arcs, and among them Maru is one of the most multifaceted characters in the cast. She’s more difficult to approach than the other options because her family lives in the mountains and she’s usually hard at work, but has a sweet story with some anomalies for players pursuing this relationship. .


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Maru’s family has cultivated a number of hobbies

Stardew Valley Maru in a dialogue after marriage

Maru is the daughter of Pelican Town carpenter Robin and scientist Demetrius, as well as Sebastian’s half-brother. As Sebastian was Robin’s first child with her previous husband, he expressed his displeasure about Maru being the “favorite kid” and getting more attention. He is cold and aloof towards Maru, who says that Sebastian barely talks to her and that, “I want an older brother but he doesn’t act like one.” This is also reflected in their opposing forms; Sebastian spends a lot of time sullen in his basement room, while Maru is more outgoing and ambitious with a wide variety of interests and hobbies.

In his spare time, Maru is interested in building robots and working on other devices. She also has a particularly strong love for astronomy, decorating her room with starry wallpaper and spending time with her telescope. Any scientific interest she learns from her father is translated into real-world skills, as Maru has a part-time job as a nurse at Harvey’s Medical Clinic On Tuesday and Thursday.

Maru’s Likes and Dislikes are Suitable for Miners and Mechanics

the options relationship marriage relationship

Stardew Valley allows players to build their relationships by talking to residents and giving them up to two gifts per week. A lot of Maru’s favorite giveaways are obvious, and would be easy to collect for players who regularly mine. Diamonds, gold bars, iridium bars and radioactive rods are favorites, while copper, iron and quartz bars are in the “Likes” category. Maru also enjoys getting battery packs and some foods like cauliflower, strawberries, rhubarb and pepper cakes, with oak and turpentine also being good options.

Players should avoid holly, honey, pickles, snow sweet potatoes, and truffles if they want to attract Maru, along with other foraging goods such as raspberries, cranberries, common mushrooms, and berries. crystal. Maple syrup isn’t a great choice either, despite coming from extracts from oak and turpentine. NS Pelican Town Cinema is a great place to get Maru because she doesn’t like any of its movies and she’s a fan of the star cookie or stardrop sorbet from the franchise counter.

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Maru’s Heart Event

choose relationship marriage relationship

The events in Maru’s heart focus on her many interests and only converge towards the end. On two hearts, the player helps Maru and her father in an experiment, and then on four hearts, they help her with a clinic accident (an accident the player caused by startle her). Players who reach six hearts with Maru can join her to starve in the mountains, and she will then begin letting them participate in her secret project. Both event center 8 and 10 Maru center built a robot to help Robin and Demetreus in case she moves out. Despite the robot being self-aware and demanding to be free, this episode convinces Demetreus that the player is a good partner for Maru.

After getting married, Maru moves into the farm, retrofitting his room with familiar starry furniture and wallpapers. Some days she works on an outdoor device and her gifts are more industrial products like refined quartz or bombs to mine. At 14 hearts, however, the player gets another cutscene in which the pair go stargazing again, this time to witness a comet pass by Earth. This is a nice conclusion to a story that includes such ridiculous things as making sentient robots, and just one more reason why Maru deserves to be considered a partner in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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