Why should players consider marrying Abigail

One of the most common mechanisms contained in Stardew Valley is the ability to flirt with one of Pelican Town’s many villagers. A wide range of prototypes is available — and even more, if players choose to install the mods on PC. It might be hard to decide between them, but at least Stardew Valley allows players to date many people immediately before they lock themselves up for good.

But among so many men, women and people Stardew Valley, Abigail is one of the most fascinating because of her unique personality, quirks, and exotic locations she can find. And spending time with Abigail in this way could reveal some interesting facts and theories about the character and her past, if players choose to dig deep enough.


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Abigail’s Personality

Stardew Abigail Valley

Abigail is Stardew Valleygoth resident, although she’s not as prone to emotional stereotypes as Sebastian. She is known to dye her hair as one of the conversation topics she approaches with the player character is whether or not she should dye her hair black. In fact, Abigail says she once dyed her hair purple but it never faded, hinting that she may have a magical background and one of Stardew Valleythe greatest mysteries, which is a big reason why players should get to know her more.

In her bedroom, Abigail has a pet guinea pig, which really causes a little controversy in Stardew Valley community. One Redditor raised a series of issues with the way Abigail raised her guinea pig, which seems to stem from the developer’s lack of expertise in this area. In the original design, David was kept in an aquarium-style cage, when he was supposed to have a C&C cage for proper ventilation. Furthermore, they go on to say that guinea pigs should be kept with other guinea pigs and should never have wheels in their cages. This eventually caused a change in the design to reflect the style of the house, but David still lived alone.

On the other hand, Abigail’s hobbies include playing games, playing a role in one of her heart’s events, and becoming a musician. She plays drums in Sam and Sebastian’s band and can sometimes be seen playing the flute in the mountain lake on certain afternoons. Likewise, she seems to prefer spending time alone than with others (save for Friday nights at the Saloon with Sebastian and Sam). Abigail loves hanging out in the rain, on display in her fourth heart event, and Mona’s graveside, which plays a role in her sixth heart event.

If the player chooses to marry Abigail in Stardew Valley, unlike other bachelors and bachelors whose hopes and dreams the player is holding them back, the marriage seems to be in full swing with Abigail. She can feel the magic of Grandpa’s Temple, had dreamed of having a cave in his property and enjoying the wild, noisy nights on the farm.

Abigail’s Father Conspiracy

Stardew Valley Wizard Chakra

Abigail’s father could be one of the The biggest conspiracy theory in Stardew Valley community, and it is widely believed to be a Witch. After building a relationship with Pierre, he will confess his concerns that he is not Abigail’s biological father. Similarly, Caroline may mention that she once secretly walked to the Wizard’s tower, but did not tell Pierre about it because he might have a temper tantrum, hinting that she was having an affair with him. Wizard.

Which all but basically confirm it is the Wizard’s own. He believes one of the townspeople is his daughter, and could it be anyone other than the child of the woman he had an affair with? Going back to Abigail’s dyed hair, it would make sense that it would still be purple by magic if she is the daughter of the Sorcerer. It also makes sense that Abigail is a man of magic because, like any veteran Stardew Valley As players will know, she eats quartz, one of the easiest gifts to give her.

Stardew Valley To be Launching now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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