Why Netflix The Witcher Season 2 Changed Leshen’s Iconic Features

When Netflix released most recently The Witcher In the Season 2 trailer, fans noticed that the show’s footage was missing some of its most recognizable features – here’s why.

Netflix’s The Witcher revealed a new look at one of the franchise’s most iconic monsters – the monster. Even so, fans were quick to realize that the live-action monster was missing parts of its iconic design.

Although Netflix shapes live-action as an adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski The Witcher novel rather than a game, fans were disappointed that Netflix revised the creature’s original design.

But Candlestick live-action shows that use live copies of game designs? How close should it be to a game or book? These questions are exactly why the Netflix team changed the wording for season 2.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer – Your Hunt Begins (Live Action Trailer)



The Witcher: Monster Slayer – Your Hunt Begins (Live Action Trailer)







In the most recent trailer, viewers can catch a glimpse of Geralt and Ciri fighting a lesser man in a misty woodland. Seemingly stuck in its own root system, the monster summons vine-like tentacles to attack the witcher and his enemies.

Close-up, the vase is made entirely of twigs and gnarled wood. Its masking bark and whip-like vines make it a formidable monster – but something different from the games.

Leshen gets redesigned Netflix season 2

The original lesbian is an ancient creature from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Tall and human, the most recognizable features of lesbians are the skull and antlers on the head. However, Netflix’s team chose to change the small points and lose those design aspects.

On closer inspection, the bark and spikes on its head still resemble the original design of the game. However, the removal of the skull and the obvious antlers still leads fans to assume that the new design is not “Witcher full.” But here’s the thing – The Witcher games explained a bit of their own creation.

Geralt fights Leshen in The Witcher 3

When it comes to lesbians, The Witcher 3 the game has really got its own creative freedom. The design is a combination of monsters from Slavic (Leshy) and Native American (Algonquian Wendigo) mythology.

Slavic Leshy is the lord of the magical forest, and the place The Witcher 3leshen has a humanoid form and its power. The Wendigo Native American lends his skeleton antlers to the game’s design – it’s the aspects of the creature that make it so recognizable.

Therefore, it is not entirely true that the new design is not “Witcher“Enough, it’s just a far cry from the game’s original mythological inspirations.


At this point, you have to ask – at what point should Netflix’s live-action series adapt instead of entertain? The games themselves are adaptations of Sapkowski’s novels, complete with their own creative interpretations. Could a live-action show do the same thing?

Live-action versions of animated media and video games have had the toughest history. Netflix’s The Witcher there are certainly difficulties of their own – especially with the painful manifestations of women’s disability and autonomy. However, it is arguably one of the most successful live-action adaptations the gaming industry has seen to date. A lot of that has to do with creative interpretation.

By using some elements of the miniseries rather than a direct copy, Netflix was able to construct an original interpretation of the movie. The Witcher world. It can expand and invite new insights into Slavic mythology and Sapkowski’s work in ways that provide a new approach and keep the spirit of the game alive.

Changing one of the game’s most iconic monsters can certainly be disappointing, but on the bright side it adds a new flavor to the game’s library. Witcher-The media has sweat. After all, more variety in stories and designs is why fantasy can scale at this scale. That’s what makes universes like The Witcher directly on all forms of media.

And hey – at least it’s not as big of a change as The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolfof “leshen.”

The Witcher Season 1 is available to watch on Netflix now, with Season 2 premiering on December 17.

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