Why Naruto’s Greatest Redemption Isn’t Sasuke’s

Naruto’s journey to become Hokage was not easy. He lost his parents in the Nine-Tails’ attack and, as he grew up, was treated as a monster by those living within the Hidden Leaf. They cursed him for being responsible for the deaths of so many people, and it took a toll on him.

In the whole Naruto series, he endured many hardships, but he remained faithful to his beliefs and never strayed from his path. On his journey, Naruto met many new people – some of them became his friends while others were his enemies. Naruto’s speeches have helped many people make peace with themselves. One of the many characters Naruto influenced was Nagato Uzumaki.


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Pain destroys the Hidden Leaf

Nagato Uzumaki was a kind child who loved his parents, but he lost them during the Second Great Ninja War. He joined Yahiko and Konan, and together they roamed the battlefields until finally meeting Jiraiya, who trained them. After measuring them decided to establish Akatsuki, but due to Hanzo’s request, Yahiko committed suicide and this caused a major change in Nagato’s personality. He was filled with rage and used his Rinnegan powers to kill Hanzo, and then he took over Amegakure.

This begins a whole new era of terror in Amegakure and soon the rest of the world will be engulfed in Nagato’s ambitions for peace. To achieve his goal, Nagato recruited new members, they were rogue ninja S. He needed their power to steal tailed beasts from the villages and seal them inside. Demon statue. He needs the power of the nine tailed beasts to resurrect the Ten-Tails, which will allow him to create world-wide peace.

Undoubtedly, Nagato’s two worst offenses were when he killed his master, Jiraiya, and then he destroyed almost all of the Hidden Leaf. It’s extremely unsettling to think that Nagato was so focused on his goal that he didn’t feel bad for grisly killing his teacher. For hidden leavesNagato didn’t care for a village that had been involved in so many wars in the past.

Nagato revived everyone

Like many Naruto villain, Nagato sought to atone in the eyes of his fans, and Naruto Uzumaki played a major role in helping Nagato realize his mistake. After defeating Tendo Pain, Naruto headed to Nagato’s location, where he confronted his master’s former student. Naruto had a hard time making Nagato understand that his approach was wrong, but he didn’t give up.

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Naruto tried to make Nagato understand that his way of achieving world peace was wrong, and after Naruto reassured him, Nagato decided to trust him and used his Rinnegan to revive the people he killed during his invasion. This ended Nagato’s life. Nagato also made Naruto realize the value of their master’s target. Before their confrontation, Naruto wasn’t focused on his dream of achieving world peace, but his encounter with Nagato made him understand its importance.

Nagato with white hair

Nagato’s redemption isn’t the first in the series and it won’t be the last. There are other characters who have managed to redeem themselves against all odds. The most common redemption is Sasuke. Sasuke left Konoha to get more power from Orochimaru so he could defeat Itachi. However, after defeating Itachi, Sasuke discovered Itachi was just a puppet used by the elders of Konoha to do their dirty work.

With this revelation, Sasuke became focused on destroying the Hidden Leaf. His goal then evolved to become the leader of the world and rule it with power alone. After Kaguya was sealed, Sasuke Attacks Naruto and was finally defeated. The loss made Sasuke realize his mistakes and he was ready to atone. While this is an amazing turn of events for Sasuke, fans can’t help but feel that it’s forced.

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In Nagato’s case, he only focused on world peace, and he taught Naruto a very important lesson. Sasuke was no doubt manipulated, but his crimes were too terrible to be forgiven so easily. Another villain, Orochimaru, who is currently under surveillance, was also freed by the Hidden Leaf. Orochimaru was forgiven too easily. He committed many inhuman acts — human experiments, murder, etc., and he was vindicated so easily that one might consider it ridiculous.

The only good thing he did was help Sasuke meet the first four Hokage of Hidden Leaf. Again, for comparison, Nagato’s goal is not selfish, he wants something for the whole world and not just for himself. Nagato revived those he had killed, and he trusted Naruto to fulfill their master’s wishes. So Naruto did an excellent job of getting Nagato back on track.

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