Why Miquella from Elden Ring could be a terrible boss fight in the DLC

elden ring is full of mysteries, some of which players will likely see solved in DLC and others that may never be fully explained. That’s the beauty of FromSoftware’s approach to worldbuilding and storytelling, but there are many stories worth exploring elden ring DLC, Miquella will probably appear most often. For one, FromSoftware DLC tends to be more difficult than the base game, and that means FromSoftware has to present players with a greater challenge than Malenia. And according to lore in Malenia’s Winged Helm, “he is the most fearsome Empyrean of them all.”


Miquella attempted to cure Malenia of her Scarlet Curse even though it had conflicted with a forever young child’s curse. Despite being chosen as Marika’s potential successor, he relinquished the Golden Order upon realizing he could not or would not cure Malenia of her curse. This led to the creation of plain gold and eventually the Haligtree in hopes that it would become an earth tree. He would nest himself in it to grow his ever-young body; However, as many fans know, Mohg would kidnap Miquella’s Cocoon and thus twist the Haligtree. elden ring Players have been discussing a quirk of Miquella’s arm seen during and after this boss fight that is terrifyingly closely tied to the lore.

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Miquella’s growth could make for a terrifying Elden Ring DLC

There are statues around Malenia’s Haligtree holding a small child who is apparently her twin brother, Miquella. He’s an incredibly small child, but when players find his cocoon, his arm is bigger than them. It’s definitely not a child’s arm. Many have asked how this is possible, and the answer lies in the lore. Miquella imbedded himself in the Haligtree to grow his body and ascend to deity, breaking his curse and giving him a more divine presence. When he was taken from the Haligtree it began to warp; So it stands to reason that without the Haligtree, his body would start to warp as well.

It’s likely growth never stopped once he was removed from the Haligtree, but from there it’s unpredictable where his rise might go. Combine that with the fact that Mohg would give cursed blood to Miquella, and the Miquella that eventually emerges from that cocoon probably won’t be the same. He would have all the power of an Empyrean who could compel affection from others, the strength of his bloodline, a presence that even Malenia described as fearsome, and possibly all the power of a god he sought but physically corrupted and plenty of other ways von Mohg and his attention to the shapeless mother.

Not to mention, elden ring Players kill Malenia, his sister, for whom he started this whole process. All that strength and potential vendetta against the player is essentially a Chekhov weapon; whenever elden ring DLC will be released which is a matter of when not if, Miquella is bound to show up, heavily influencing The Lands Between and facing the player in one way or another. This is exciting for lore purposes. That’s terrifying, just because of all the power Miquella has. And it’s equally tempting to see what kind of boss fight Miquella would be in elden ring.

elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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