Why is Hisoka such a wild card?

Anime, especially shonen anime, is a genre that enjoys creating characters with complex inner feelings and is loved by age-old demons. Probably Hunter x HunterIts most enigmatic yet intriguing character is its recurring villain and occasional ally, the Bungee Gum wielding shaman Hisoka Morow.

Hunter x Hunter is a large volume standard bearer in the world of action anime. Written by Yosihiro Togashi, the manga ran from 1998 to 2018, it is currently on hiatus. The manga has inspired three anime films, a thirty-episode OVA, and two beloved full series. Nippon Animation’s first animated film adaptation ran from 1999 to 2001, the second film created by Madhouse ran from 2011 to 2014. Hunter x Hunter is one of the best-selling manga series in history and fans are still eagerly awaiting the series’ return.


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Who is Hisoka?

Hisoka Morow pinched his fingers

Hisoka Morow is a licensed hunter, international criminal, and Heaven’s Arena pro with a penchant for court fashion and a magic aesthetic. He is introduced, to both the heroes and the audience, in a second attempt to gain his hunter degree. He is incredibly strong, ruthless, egotistical, and impulsive. His role in the franchise is constantly changing, being presented as a villain, but frequently engaging in the protagonist’s antics whenever it suits him. Hisoka does not appear in every situation in the series, he often appears unannounced, leaving the audience to discover his role in this story alongside the heroes. This makes him both unpredictable and fascinating. Viewers were always in their seats with Hisoka around, which helped keep him engaged and made him a distinct fan favorite.

Hisoka’s motives are simple; He is obsessed, to the point of physiological need, with the search for powerful opponents to challenge and defeat. Hisoka becomes a hunter, a somewhat obscure rank in the series that allows its holders complete freedom to pursue their dreams, to fight and kill with impunity. He joined the organization Phantom Troupe crime costume to finally face its leader in battle.

In many cases, he allows Gon and his friends to live when he can easily kill them as he believes they will become a bigger challenge if allowed to continue to grow. Absolutely everything else is secondary to Hisoka’s need to fight strongest people in the world, which includes a few of his active relationships and his mortal life. A character with only one intrinsic motivation is logically predictable; Logically, it can be assumed that Hisoka will take any action that leads him to a good fight, but surprisingly he manages to be more complicated than he seems.

Hisoka The Wild Card

Hunter X Hunter - Phantom team member Hisoka Marrow in his champion will kill people

While Hisoka’s main motivation is stagnation, his methods are purely euphoric. Hisoka almost always goes into several steps in a plan to establish himself against a difficult enemy. His plans are often absurd, he masquerades as his member of the Phantom Troupe and repeatedly sabotages their activities at great personal risk, just to keep his chance at fighting his impersonated boss. me. Often Hisoka will do things to help acquaintances or team up with others to establish a strategy later on, which ensures that he can truly succeed in any role. The creation of complex plots is what keeps the audience speculating. After all, in the world of Hunter x Hunter, there’s no shortage of powerful enemies, so it’s impossible to guess exactly who Hisoka has his eye on and what he’ll do to get the pieces into place.

Hisoka has a slight exception in the cast of Hunter x Hunter, as people whose devotion to their motivation leads them to both sides of every conflict. Hisoka was introduced as a villain in the Hunter Competition. Basically, every other major enemy is motivated by profit or dominance, making their quest purely a selfishly personal goal. Heroes, on the other hand, set very personal quests but constantly devote themselves to helping others. Hisoka maintains his selfish need to find opponents, but does so in a way so complex that he remains a mystery in the franchise.

Hisoka Morow is unpredictable because his exceptional devotion to his personal mission allows him to appear anywhere and do anything. With great text and iconic design, Hisoka is truly out of the box Hunter x Hunterof the sleeve.

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