Why is Food at ‘Succession’ Lai Gan?


There’s a moment from the third season of Heir that I can’t get rid of my mind. It wasn’t the same mom’s vagina replica Kendall built for the entrance to his birthday party, nor was it Greg asking Logan for Coca-Cola with his rum, even though it was a thing. second and third close. No, that’s a picture of Logan Roy, one percent by one, eating an antipasto nightmare of soggy leaves, greasy lumps of cheese and chunks of meat.

Logan, may I suggest… Sweetgreen?
Photo: HBO

Good, you can argue, Logan is trapped at an airport hotel in Sarajevo, deciding whether he needs to flee the country before being accused of concealing decades of serious crimes on his travels. He can’t exactly call a personal chef. That’s a good point! But you were wrong. Even when he wasn’t trying to bribe the president, Logan never ate anything that seemed appetizing. No, really, is there anyone on Heir, a show largely built on the premise that the unreasonably rich and powerful are lowly but rather miserable themselves.

Of all the Roys’ woes (helpless, mean father, no personal jet), the lack of decent food is by far the most common. There are many scenes in Heir more food hints than actually being consumed: tables are set for Thanksgiving with a piece of bread mixture in sight; Temporary CEOs are being floated on pristine pizzas. Many, much The company’s spread is growing by the minute, the Saran granola bars and sandwiches are witnesses to Waystar-Royco’s sins. Also: meats. So much meat! They all sum up in a slightly different way.

If you think about it, it makes sense that HeirObjectively, their meal was not appetizing. Good food is often associated with family, love, warmth or comfort, these are rarely found in the Roy race. Their meal is not filled with laughter and other signs of human connection. These are intense power struggles, tests of loyalty to Logan, or tense preludes to business deals. Why should the food be good?

Except fictitious”Greg sprinkles”, the parade of objectionable foods in this show is really impressive. A small sample of the most annoying fare:

Pigeons and potatoes

Photo: HBO

Whenever anyone in Heir Wanting to seem down to earth, they serve some rustically prepared meats that are said to seem cozy and welcoming. Surprise: It never was. To welcome Shiv and Kendall home, their mother Caroline cooked her children a bird dish famous for stalking the streets of New York City. This plush English pigeon doesn’t look any better: She warns them not to “crack” for potential shards left inside the bird. To make matters worse, “scenes can also lose a bit of hair.” Sorry???


Photo: HBO

Speaking of birds, one of the first dates in Tom and Greg’s uneasy romance took place with illegally hunted deep-fried songbirds, a French delicacy known supposedly eating a whole child, inexplicably, with its head covered by a napkin. Greg’s review: “If I eat any more singing birds, I think I’ll throw.” I first learned what an ortolan was thanks to an equally horrifying ortolan scene in Billion, and let me say: No thanks. There has never been a more chilling crackling sound.

Cold Butter

Photo: HBO

A lot of this show’s treats are like the food equivalent of wearing an itchy cashmere sweater: stuffy serving food at parties you suspect can be afforded much better. One such example is the cold butter that pushed Connor over the edge at a company gala he was supposed to be in charge of. Is there a more literal metaphor for the ethos of the Roy family than cold, unyielding pieces of butter, too rigid to spread on bread?

Yacht chicken

Photo: HBO

Overall, the food on the yacht in the season two finale is truly the best food on the show so far. And yet, the most food-focused scene in this episode shows Tom reaching out to Logan’s plate to grab a greasy chicken thigh and franticly pop it into his mouth.

Look at all that cartilage!! Disgusting.

Pizza hamptons

Photo: HBO

Frequently, our monstrously wealthy family members lean towards their Central American audiences and low food consumption. It’s supposed to seem cold and relatable, but somehow it’s always… Turn off. Case in point: when the staff of Roys’ Hamptons threw God knows how much a first-class lobster in the trash so they could order pizza for a family gathering only to drop the pizza while Logan Call each child into the room to play a few pieces. emotional chess game before announcing none of them as the new CEO. While I was furious at first at the idea that they could sit there with the cupcakes untouched (who does this?), I have to confess that the cupcakes don’t look too pretty to catch. head. One of the slices is garnished with giant broccoli stalks, and all are served with one of those weird pizza salads of just wilted arugula and wrinkled cherry tomatoes.

But the best explanation for why food on Heir too crude coming from Logan himself. In response to Karl’s request that the team order food while plotting against Kendall, Logan said, “Food? Swallow. We’re using saliva and adrenaline here. “That sounds correct to me.

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