Why is Aragorn depicted running from the throne of Gondor in the movie?

As travelers from all over gathered at the Council of Elrond to decide the fate of the Ring, there were respected members of all races, elf princes, dwarven lords, and male stewards. Boromir tells others about a dream he and Faramir were sent to tell them about the meeting, and enemy weapons that could destroy Middle-earth once and for all. He has noble intentions and wants to use weapons for good, to end the suffering of the people and bring about a new era of peace to the white city.


However, in the 2001 film adaptation, Aragorn warns him that this is not possible and that the ring’s seductive voice will turn anyone who tries to use it against the dark lord’s powers. Boromir arrogantly asks why he, being a ranger, could know anything about it, and Legolas curtly informed the steward that Aragorn was heir to the throne of Gondor, and must be king. which Boromir swore exclusively. But why did Boromir not know this, and why did Aragorn keep himself and his descendants concealed, when he knew that the white city was in trouble? The answer varies from book to movie adaptation.

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According to the movies, Aragorn decided to ‘turn off that path a long time ago’. The audience is shown a scene in which he stands with Arwen at the Narsil shards in the Rivendel. He felt unworthy of the throne because the same blood ran through his veins in Isildurs, and Isildur was too weak to resist the ring’s power after he cut it from Sauron’s finger in The Battle of the Last Alliance. As a result, Aragorn spent years shirking the responsibilities of his forebears and training as a Ranger instead. Of course he’s still an honor for the time being, aiding Gandalf on numerous missions and protecting everyone from afar, but his resistance to the path ‘set before him’ is a directorial choice. interesting for Peter Jackson.


Many fans of the film suggest that he made this decision for two reasons, the first being to give Aragorn’s character more of a storyline, showing his struggles and self-doubt. and how he rose above them to become a true and noble king. . The second is to convey the most important events of the story in a limited time, where there isn’t much room to cover the full history of Gondor, Arnor, and the fall of the Numenorians.

However, there are many pages of information about this precisely in the books, from the lineage of kings in the Appendix to the stories of the Numenorians themselves in Silmarillion. Later, in Tolkien’s writings, more is known about Aragorn’s genealogy and his accession to the throne. In the books, he doesn’t shy away from the role, in fact, he embraces it proudly but patiently.

For example, he brought fragments of Anduril . glowing sword in a scabbard always worn at his hip, as a reminder of his duties, and as proof of his kinship with Isidur, the original wielder of the sword. He simply respected his time until the people of Gondor were ready to let him return to his rightful place. He wants to take the throne not because he craves power or because it is his birthright, but because the people love and respect him, and choose him as their leader. This is why he can conquer Palantir from the will of Sauron because he does so out of loyalty to his kingdom and people, rather than lust and lust for power. When he was first entrusted with the stone, and warned not to get involved in trying to use it, he replied ‘have I ever been hasty or tired, who have been waiting and preparing for so many years? five?’

Aragorn Corronation

The same is true of his ability command the army of the dead. Again, he can summon them at any time, using shards of the sword he always carries, but he doesn’t command them until that matters most, and have no other choice. He does not choose to use or abuse his rights and only exercises them when he has been accepted and authorized by his people. This only happened when he fought heroically in the battles of Middle-earth, heal Eowyn and Faramir in the healing houses using the ancient techniques of his people, and make the flowers bloom again in white tree in the yard, a true sign that only a king can cause. So when he finally claimed dominion and was crowned in the capital, everyone bowed to him with love and respect, for he had earned his place among them. .

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