Why He Could Be The MCU’s Ultimate Villain

Out of all of the comedian villains who’ve but to look within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, none are as extremely anticipated as Physician Doom. Doom’s enduring reputation amongst Marvel followers could also be complicated to those that solely acknowledge the character from his previous cinematic appearances — however these accustomed to his comedian historical past, he’s certainly one of Marvel’s most iconic supervillains ever.

Victor Von Doom made his theatrical debut performed by Julian McMahon within the 2005 Improbable 4 movie, during which he was depicted as a generic evil billionaire with lightning powers. He later appeared because the villain of the infamous 2015 reboot, during which Toby Kebbell portrayed him as a cynical younger scientist who turns into the ruler of one other dimension known as Planet Zero. Neither of those interpretations have a lot in widespread with the Physician Doom of the comics, basically making them Doom in title solely.

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Physician Doom was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in July of 1962, making his comedian debut in The Improbable 4 #5. Like lots of Lee and Kirby’s villains, Doom wasn’t probably the most advanced antagonist in his first look, however what he lacked in nuance he made up for in memorability. Doom is straight away established as each a superb scientist and a grasp sorcerer, and this twin nature is emphasised by his evil plan, during which he makes use of a futuristic time machine to send the FF back in time to retrieve a set of mystical gems enchanted by Merlin himself. Whereas Doom’s first look is downright bare-bones in comparison with his later schemes, he turned fashionable sufficient with the followers and creators alike that he instantly reappeared in Improbable 4 #6, and shortly after in subject #10.


Lee and Kirby would later discover Doom’s full origin within the giant-sized particular subject Improbable 4 Annual #2, which revealed Victor’s childhood within the tiny fictional nation of Latveria, situated the place the border of Hungary, Romania, and Serbia lies in the true world. Victor was the kid of a doctor father and a sorceress mom, who died when he was nonetheless a toddler as a result of ruling class’ bigotry in direction of Latveria’s Romani inhabitants. Doom swore to avenge his parents’ deaths, learning each science and magic within the pursuit of larger energy. As an adolescent, Victor turned a Robin Hood-esque hero to the widespread folks of Latveria, utilizing extraordinary devices to steal from the wealthy and provides to the poor. Information of those exploits made their approach to America, and Victor was quickly provided a full scholarship to Empire State College.

Victor traveled to America in pursuit of larger data, however as a substitute discovered a rival within the type of Reed Richards — the primary mental equal Doom had ever met. Throughout his time at ESU, Victor created a machine that will permit him to speak with the lost soul of his mother. Richards tried to warn Victor a couple of flaw within the machine’s design, however Doom’s ego refused to heed this warning. Because of this, the machine exploded, leaving Victor’s face scarred. Victor blamed Richards for the accident, believing that Reed tampered along with his experiment out of envy. The newly disfigured Victor continued touring the world in quest of data and energy, finally setting up a swimsuit of armor and taking the title Physician Doom. Doom returned to Latveria, main the widespread folks in a revolution and overthrowing the corrupt aristocracy. He even killed King Vladimir Fortunov, the person who turned his household into fugitives, thus avenging his mother and father’ deaths finally.

Doom himself soon took the throne of Latveria, remodeling a tiny, poverty-stricken nation right into a high-tech police state. However Lee and Kirby additionally established yet another curious element of their account of Doom’s origin — the folks of Latveria might stay in worry of Physician Doom, however additionally they revere him because the savior who introduced peace and prosperity to their land. Later Lee-Kirby points would broaden on this concept, establishing Doom’s characterization as a benevolent dictator who sees his tyranny as the only way to bring peace and order to the world. As Doom himself places it in Improbable 4 #84, “How ungrateful are those that won’t settle for the rule of Physician Doom! Do I not give them shelter… present them with meals? And all that I ask is complete, blind obedience!”

That’s the final dichotomy of Doom — he has turned his kingdom right into a utopia the place all wants are offered for, however he has performed so at the price of freedom. He’s each savior and oppressor, each sufferer and villain. Like Magneto, Killmonger, and the MCU’s Thanos, Physician Doom is pushed by a real need to finish the struggling of others, however he would create his utopia on a basis of corpses. And whereas he could have been a great hero in one other life, Doom’s narcissism has satisfied him that solely by way of his absolute management can the world ever know true peace.


And like Earth’s mightiest heroes, Doom’s unstoppable willpower to save lots of the world — albeit in his personal twisted Machiavellian means — has led him to go up towards not possible odds and emerge victorious. Ever since he stole the Silver Surfer’s Energy Cosmic in Improbable 4 #57, Doom has made a behavior of accomplishing absolute energy by draining it from different entities. He as soon as even used Kilgrave’s mind control power to brainwash your entire world within the 1987 graphic novel Emperor Doom, solely to set humanity free after realizing he felt no satisfaction in ruling over a world that didn’t willingly kneel earlier than him.

However maybe Doom’s most iconic story is 1984’s Secret Wars, during which he efficiently steals the ability of a godlike being often called the Beyonder, and begins to remake the world in his picture. For 2 transient points, Doom efficiently ascended to godhood, holding complete authority over actuality itself, solely to lose management of the ability resulting from his personal buried self-doubt. Regardless of having the need to command huge cosmic energy, Victor Von Doom continues to be solely human. This theme would reappear in that story’s religious sequel, the 2015 Secret Wars series by Jonathan Hickman, which sees Doom merge your entire multiverse right into a single Earth which he guidelines as self-proclaimed God-Emperor. Regardless of being absolute ruler of a united world, Doom realizes that his kingdom continues to be imperfect, and finally admits to his personal flaws in a ultimate battle towards Mr. Improbable.

That’s the final word cause why Doom’s MCU arrival is so eagerly awaited by followers — not simply because he’s a cool unhealthy man, however as a result of he’s one of the nuanced, compelling antagonists in Marvel historical past. Regardless of his campy look, Doom has all of the tragic humanity, ruthless ambition, and theatrical charisma of Shakespeare’s best villains. And like the most popular MCU rogues, he’s a terrifying risk to the heroes whereas additionally being a fancy and sympathetic character. He’s the final word “ends justify the means” villain, noble in his intentions but totalitarian in his strategies. In a number of years’ time, Physician Doom may very properly dethrone Thanos because the MCU’s most iconic villain. However till then, followers should hold ready for the tyrant lord of Latveria to make his true big-screen debut.

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